Thursday, January 21, 2010

Reality Checkpoint

Last weekend was our last weekend of Christmas vacation; back to reality or at least back to school. Are we ready? Never! Haha Is anyone really ever ready for vacation to end? I don’t think so! However, we do have a lot of new adventures that we’re looking forward to this semester.

The temperature last week got into the 60’s. Since it is still January I was hoping that it was a heat wave, but this week the temps got even higher into the mid-70’s! It seems like Houston is starting to climb the thermometer to summer and I need to start mentally preparing myself, as I am not a fan of heat.

I mentioned in an earlier post that Phil and I got our pictures taken (one picture was on our Christmas card), well here are the rest of proofs that we got a couple nights ago (there are more on facebook). The Hills did our pictures and they blew us away with their talent (thank you, a million times thank you!). They also made us a video of some of the proofs, check it out:

xoxo Darby

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