Thursday, January 21, 2010


Considering that school started this week in our house, I wanted to make sure we had something quick to grab for breakfast as we were rushing out the door. I made these muffins from the Barefoot Contessa cookbook. I halved the recipe and got 10 muffins, which was the perfect number to get us through the week. I couldn’t find just plain granola at the grocery store and didn’t have time to make some, so I just bought a box of Nature Valley granola bars, and ground up one of the packages (2 bars/package). I ground the walnuts and granola pretty small for a subtle crunch. These muffins were simply the most scrumptious and fascinating, combination of moist and crunchy I have ever tasted. I will definitely be making these again and next time I might consider adding oatmeal or berries to the batter.
Banana Crunch Muffins, page 212
I also made a big pot of chili- one of Phil’s favorite dishes during football season. I usually like southern sweet cornbread to dip in my chili, but I was feeling adventurous this weekend so I made Paula Deen’s Green Chili Cornbread muffins from one of the cookbooks my dad gave me for Christmas. They were super tasty and went well with the chili; yum-o! I looked to find the recipe online to give you a link, but I couldn’t find it, so if you want a copy email me ;-)
xoxo Darby

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