Monday, November 9, 2009

Yes, more football

This past week was fast and eventful; lots going on in the Hawley world, that’s for sure! After work in the evenings last week Phil worked on a paper for class and helped a guy from Sunday school class move while I worked on my next manuscript. There were several special times this week that we took extra time to praise the Lord for his goodness. I have 2 cousins serving our country in active duty right now, one in Iraq and one in Texas. The one in Iraq is doing so well and is so happy (as odd as that sounds, it’s true) and the other was at Fort Hood when the shootings occurred last week. Thankfully he and his new bride were spared and kept safe. Praises for their safety and prayers for those who are now suffering in the aftermath! Also last Thursday my granny left this life to go home and be with Jesus. I am joyous and grateful to God for the time that I got to spend with her and for her being the wonderful mother to my father. Praise the Lord!

This weekend was jam-packed with a lot of fun. On Friday, Phil and I had our regular date night and went to my favorite sushi restaurant, RA in Highland Village. The windows at the restaurant were open and we got to enjoy the awesome weather with our dinner. Phil kicked-off our date night by meeting me at the door with some beautiful flowers he bought me, Spider Mums. A truly wonderful husband!
I still get giddy when I get flowers from Phil :-)

On Saturday we had the final tournament for our flag football season that Phil has been coaching. We didn’t play as well as we had throughout the season and ended up losing the game, but Phil did make a touchdown! All-in-all it was a lot of fun and I’m really glad that we had the opportunity to play. On Saturday night Phil and I watched a bunch of college football (of course!). The UH game was probably the most exciting game though; we won in the last few seconds with a 52 yard kick! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Here are some pictures of Saturday’s game

I know it is only Monday, but I’m already looking forward to this coming-up weekend. Phil and I have a lot of fun things planned! Have a great week Hawley Blog Readers!
xoxo Darby

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