Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wrapping up the Semester

The past few weeks have been very exciting as we are getting ready to return home for the holidays. We have lists full of all the things that we need to accomplish before returning to our beloved families on the east coast. While it is a busy season, we are really enjoying it. My family has always noted that I simply can’t wait for the anticipatory season of Christmas. There is just something about it that I can’t get enough of, and that’s Jesus of course. This season is the celebration of Christ’s birth, and I love to start celebrating it in June (although I try to refrain from playing Christmas music for the sake of others until October, but in secret I play it year-round). I love the hustle and the bustle as people prepare for families, taking the time to spend time others, the increased desire for people to given to those who are less fortunate, and of course I love the food of the holidays. So we can really enjoy this season, we’re racing through our to-do lists to get everything crossed off! What has been going on in our house recently... well a bunch of random stuff has been going on that I can report to you.

Many of you may not know, but in October I resigned from my part-time position at the University of Houston for personal reasons. My part-time contract was up at the end of December and my full-time instructor position starts in January so I wasn’t cutting out completely or too early. However since I still had some of my contract left, I was reassigned to a new instructor; ironically I was reassigned to the exact course and section that Phil is enrolled in. We have been making jokes about it all semester. We never thought that this would happen with him being in biology and me being in neuroscience, but it did. In addition to the position swap, I am preparing for my new course next semester that I’m very excited about. I will be teaching a new course (new to me as a teacher not as a student) so I have a lot of preparing to do. This afternoon I looked and I already have 10 students registered. Wahoo!

I thought this was really helpful and wanted to pass the information along especially since it is the season for cooking and baking. A couple weeks ago I was driving and heard about on the radio. They presented such a persuasive case that I had to check it out as soon as I got to work. When you enter your zip code, the website will tell you about all of the grocery shopping sales in your area. I have totally enjoyed saving money lately thanks to this website. Check it out!

Being Steeler fans, it’s no surprise that lately we’ve been a little down. The past couple games have been gut-wrenching to watch. After the Kansas City game last Sunday, I retreated to my office at home to write (working on my next manuscript already). After an hour or so I heard a game on TV that wasn’t a game scheduled for Sunday, nor was it a previous game recap. I listened and then realized that I knew exactly what game was on. I peaked around the corner into the living room to confirm my suspicions; I was right. Phil was watching the superbowl game from last year. He saw my questionable look and said “It was a tough day and sometimes I gotta look back and remember.” I shook my head and returned to my office to giggle about it.

Last random thought: I’m beginning to think that the flowers from my November 9th post are magic flowers. Ok so I know they aren’t magic, but seriously, not a single petal has fallen off or changed colors. If you want flowers that last a long time get some like those because they stay beautiful for a long time!

Ok I guess that is about it for now, sorry for no pictures and a bunch of random thoughts but that’s where we are right now. Have a wonderful thanksgiving!
xoxo Darby

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