Sunday, November 29, 2009

Catching up on my Contessa recipes

Though I haven’t been posting my latest dishes on here, please don’t think I haven’t been feeding my husband! He is being fed, I promise :-) Below are some of my most recent Barefoot Contessa Cookbook club recipes.

Lobster salad in endive: I cut this recipe in half and I’m so glad that I did because I was not a fan at all. I think my deal is that I don’t like capers and Ina uses them in a lot of her recipes. From now on if she lists capers as an ingredient I’m just going to ignore it. Though there were many ingredients, I thought that the dip was a bit bland so I added some tobassco. That still didn’t do it for me, so I ended up playing with my food like a child.

Here is the Lobster Salad with endive page 43.
I was trying to make it look like a turkey with the endive & crackers as the feathers.

Broccoli with garlic: Strangely, I would recommend making the full recipe. Unlike all of Ina’s other dishes, when you half this one it doesn’t make very much. This broccoli was good but I would recommend serving it warm instead of cold.

Broccoli with garlic page 100 (with pork tenderloin, salad, and buttermilk biscuits)

Roasted brussels sprouts: We really like brussels sprouts but I had no idea that it was a winter vegetable. The night I had planned on making this, I came home from work later than I had expected but I quickly mixed the ingredients and put them in the oven with the chicken that I was making for dinner. I had dinner on the table in about 40 minutes. It was a deliciously healthy and quick meal.

Roasted brussels sprouts page 150

“Linzer” cookies: I had never heard of this type of cookie before. I have eaten it, but I didn’t know that it had such a history. Linzer cookies are traditional Australian shortbread sandwich cookies with fruit preserves in the middle. They are traditionally cut in circles with the middle missing with black currant jam so that it resembles an eye. I was unaware of this when I was making mine to look like autumn with strawberry & raspberry preserves. Either way though, I think they tasted pretty good. These cookies are Phil’s favorite Contessa cookie so far.

Linzer cookies page 178

Orange yogurt: I would have never thought in a million years that I could make yogurt! And coming from a person who doesn’t even like yogurt (I think probably due to the many years I was forced to eat it after having my braces tightened), this was really yummy. This recipe allows for a lot of culinary freedom and would be great for breakfast or a snack. The recipe called for a sieve. Since I didn’t have one I decided to use my sifter instead. I figured that it was practically the same thing and that gravity would take care of everything for me and it did. The flavor of my yogurt is more accurately, Clementine and walnut yogurt.

Orange yogurt page 228 (or Clementine & walnut yogurt)

xoxo Darby

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