Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hawleys in Houston

Phil and I were delighted to have his family come for a visit this past weekend. Phil’s father came to visit in September 2008 right after Phil’s elbow surgery (which was super nice to have the help). This was the first time that his mother and brother could come to visit. They arrived really late on Thursday evening. I was nervous because we were having some storms and this was Shirley’s first time flying. Thank goodness that there were only a few short delays and minimal turbulence. Since they didn’t get to our house until about 2 am, and of course had to stay awake to catch up, everyone slept late on Friday morning. I got up early and went to work so everyone was awake by the time I got home. We all piled into Phil’s car and he gave a huge and interesting tour of Houston to the family. He really did a great job and included a lot of places with their history and other trivial facts. *Sidenote- If you have someone come visit you in Houston, I highly recommend hiring Phil to give a tour.* Our first stop was for Texas BBQ at Goode Company. Next we showed them the Galleria (and actually saw Beth Moore and her daughters there, which was probably the highlight of the weekend for Shirley who loves Moore and uses her for her woman’s bible study at church back home), mid-town, down-town, Minute Maid Park, Toyota Center, the aquarium, the theater district, University of Houston (my lab and office), the Medical Center, Herman Memorial Park, the Houston Zoo, Rice University, Reliant Stadium, and our old apartment.
Touring Houston:
On Saturday the guys got up pretty early to go to the Baylor-Nebraska football game in Waco, TX. Marlin & Shirley grew up in Nebraska and Marlin attended Nebraska before Bible School. While the men were at the game, Shirley and I did our bible studies at the pool and walked to Central Market. I think she really liked CM because she got to see all of the ingredients that are mentioned on her cooking shows. We came home and baked some absolutely delicious Pecan Squares and chicken fajitas for dinner. We had an awesome day talking and laughing; I so enjoyed the one-on-one time with Shirley. After Nebraska won the game, the guys drove the four hours home, and picked us up for the Rockets game. Talk about a lot of sports! It was a great game to take the Hawleys to. Not only did the Rockets win, but it was the home opening game and their first NBA game. It was cool to see everyone in their Halloween costumes, even the mascot dressed up!
The guys had matching shirts for the game. Notice it
is still dark outside; they left very early in the
morning. Obviously very dedicated to Nebraska football!
The Nebraska-Baylor football game
Shirley & I with our Pecan Squares. Yum-O!
At the Rocekts game
On Sunday, the first thing Phil did was shave off his mustache. After growing it for a month, I was almost sad to see it go; I had gotten so used to it. But I think Phil was happy to see it go; apparently it gets annoying after a while. We went to church & Sunday School as a family and then Phil gave his final tour of the weekend, his work. I think the family enjoyed seeing what Phil does during the week. I know I always like to see and hear about what he does. He is such a smart man and I am so blessed to have him as my hubby. After Phil’s work we had a little bit more Texas BBQ at Rudy’s. In the afternoon, while the guys “rested their eyes,” Shirley and I went to the park at the front of our neighborhood for a walk. When the guys woke up, we watched the Sandlot (my first time seeing the apparently “classic” movie). In the evening we watched the exciting Vikings-Greenbay game while introducing them to What-A-Burger (yes, we ate absolutely horrible the entire weekend and are currently going through a solely salad diet for detoxification). We were so sad to see everyone leave on Monday; our home is sooo quiet! We really can’t wait to get home for the holidays. Also, we found out that Phil’s younger sister is expecting her first child! Congratulations Joni & Anthony!
On Sunday before church
xoxo Darby

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