Monday, August 31, 2009

Who Doesn't Like Chicken Pot Pit?

This past weekend was really great! Weekends that are that much fun make it even harder to return to the real world on Mondays. Our weekend was full of all the things that we like to do. The Lavericks, who I mentioned in a previous post, returned from the hospital with their new daughter Alina on Thursday so we took them dinner.

My chicken pot pie is becoming our staple dinner that we bring to families who have just had a baby. (I decided to post the picture so I could start practicing my food photography skills for my cookbook club postings)

On Saturday, Phil planned a lovely date-day. We went hiking and actually saw our first armadillo! We have seen them at the zoo and “statues” of them, but we’ve never seen a wild one. They look just as weird as we expected! In the evening, we went to see the new Quinton Tarantino movie; the movie comes highly recommended by the Hawley Movie Critics. Then we went out to a wonderfully romantic dinner downtown, Cave Bistro. The restaurant was transformed to look like a cave and the meals were spectacular. If you follow our blog and live in Houston, it is worth a visit!
Us feeling full after our yummy dinner!

xoxo Darby

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