Monday, September 7, 2009

Cheating, or just over excitement?

Some may consider it cheating, but I would consider it over excitement. My Ina Garten cookbook arrived two weeks ago and when I saw that it had a forward by Martha Stewart (my best friend...though she may not be aware of that yet) I couldn't stop myself. The cookbook club hasn't officially kicked-off yet, so technically I was starting early, but once I started reading the forward I knew there was no turning back. In my defense, I haven’t gone very far in the book. The first recipe I tried was actually in the that one really doesn't count, right? Anyhow, for smallgroup last Wednesday I volunteered to bring snack. I hadn’t made my favorite cake in a long time so I wanted to make it for smallgroup. I figured what better drink to go with this cake than lemonade?! The fresh homemade lemonade from Garten’s cookbook was my first recipe to attempt. The recipe was really easy and for someone like me who always finds a way to ruin a recipe that is practically spelled out step-by-step, it was completely clutz-proof!

I made a Lemon-Honey Poundcake with a buttercream filling and a honey glaze; served with assorted berries. Phil got me this cake pan when we graduated college because the RMC mascot was a yellow jacket and thus I really like yellow jackets. I am convinced that this cake tastes best when it is made in this pan!

Fresh Lemonade- page 32
You should use extra fine sure or else it will be gritty. If you will be serving this delicious beverage to more than 4 people, I would double the ingredients, because everyone will want seconds. For presentation, I used the lemons that I had left over to slice and garnish the lemonade and tied a ribbon around the handle of the pitcher.

xoxo Darby

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