Monday, September 21, 2009

I didn't expect that to happen!?

Last week was a very exciting week; everything that we didn’t expect to happen, did. The theme for the week actually started on Wednesday night after small group. We were driving home and had just exited 610 and were stopped at a red light before turning onto Westheimer when I noticed a funky smell. I looked at the car next to us and told Phil, “I sure hope that is their car and not ours.” I really thought it was their car since their car was a much older model and we had just purchased our car. I mean that is logical right: a new car shouldn’t smell funky?! Then I began to see a little bit of smoke around my door, so of course I decide this is the perfect time to hang my head out the window to check it out further. But my smeller isn’t that good at detecting the origin of a smell so my investigation was incomplete. The light turned green and we decided to keep driving and if we got to the next light and the smell and smoke was still there, then we would do something about it. Well when we got to the next light we were certain that the smoke and smell was most definitely coming from our car. This was confirmed when the city bus pulled up next to us and the driver practically fell out of the window to tell us to get out of the car ASAP! So we followed the bus driver’s instructions and pulled over and got out of the car. Our jaws hit the ground as we stood there at 11pm watching our brand new car smoke……we were not expecting this. We thought my car that rattles and rolls would do this. So we called AAA had the car towed to the dealer and had to take some time from work the next day to deal with it. It turns out that our car has a bad part….but not just our car, every Mazda CX-7 made our year has a bad air compressor. I was looking online and there are numerous forums and blogs of people talking about how their cars blew up while they were driving or caused fatal accidents because of this part blowing up while they were driving down the highway. My obvious question was how many people have to get hurt for this part to be recalled?! I would expect a company to take care of that so no one else gets hurt. We were so lucky that nothing serious happened to us, and we are even more blessed because the dealer covered all of the expenses for the damage and labor to fix our car. So it cost us nothing, but we just were not expecting it and we were not expecting to have the repairs done at no cost.

More unexpected events came on Saturday and Sunday in the sports world. We were so excited to be going to go watch the Mayweather-Marquez (a huge comeback fight with a new leader in the boxing world). As big as the fight was, we could not find it playing anywhere in Houston. It was such a big fight and we thought that it would be showing everywhere, but it wasn’t. We will just have to wait until next week to watch it at home. In addition to the boxing world that Phil and I like so much, we of course are excited about football. This weekend all of our picks for games had unexpected results. Despite the teams that we were rooting for, there were several games that we thought the outcomes who be so different but we were so wrong.
The Mayweather-Marquez fight that we are going to have to wait and see when it's televised next weekend.
Our teams this weekend where we watched the unexpected happen.
Phil and I are in a bake-off of sorts this coming up Saturday and I wanted to practice over the weekend. We wanted to do something that everyone would love. We chose a Turtle Cheesecake. I mean who doesn’t like cheesecake?! Well, the unexpected happened with our own taste buds, we didn’t even like it! So we have to think of something different for the contest.
I feel safe mentioning it on the blog because I know that we won’t be entering this in the contest next weekend.
Aside from the car, sports, and cheesecake unexpected events, it was a fairly normal weekend. Phil has his first exam of the semester on Tuesday this week so he was been studying for that over the weekend and I was continuing to resist decorating the house for autumn (I have decided that I will do it next Saturday). So the lessons learned from this week, never forget that God may have the unexpected planned for you. Have a great week!
xoxo Darby

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