Monday, August 17, 2009

Aviation Shower

As mentioned, on Saturday the women from my Smallgroup hosted a baby shower for the Bercaws. The nursery theme for their son Isaiah is aviation, and we applied that same theme to the shower. While at first I thought it was the hardest shower theme so far, it turned out to be my favorite. Here are some pictures of the shower.
The sign on the door
When guests arrived they wrote some advice/encouragement for the mommy-to-be on a diaper for when she is elbow deep in diapers she will receive support from her friends and family.
The sign that was on the advice station mimicked a boarding pass.
The baby's initials.
For favors we had a candy bar, with pacifiers and wooden initials hanging from the chandelier.
The sign at the Candy Bar Station.
The table scape with white balloons (clouds) and airplanes hung from the ceiling. The delicious menu included: blue cupcakes, quiche, 6-fruit trifle, bagels, juice, and yummy cinnamon coffee.
The blue cupcakes with airplanes that matched the ones hanging from the ceiling (Props to Morgan for the intricate work on these).
In the middle of the table we had a bucket of flowers. The flowers were made out of onesies. Props to Stephanie on this one!
On the buffet there were aviation themed toys and clothing for Isaiah. Also Amy made a French Memo Board out of the cloth used in the nursery.

This was the "Baggage Claim" Area. Haylee opened gifts under clouds and planes.

The "Baggage Claim" area sign.

Gifts :-)

The name tags had wings to mimic a flight attendant's name tag.

The mommy-to-be and the hostesses...or flight attendant ;-)

Grace made a video of all of this pictures that is really awesome. Check it out:
xoxo Darby


Anonymous said...

Where did they find all this airplane stuff?

Phil and Darby Hawley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Phil and Darby Hawley said...

The french memo board, all signs, hanging airplanes, block letters, wooden airplanes...pretty much everything is handmade

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