Thursday, January 24, 2013

Crepe Murder

Funny stuff should always be passed along, right?  I think so! 
It’s been a while since I mentioned my love for Crepe Myrtles, but I really do think they are so pretty and a signature bloom of the south.  DSC05408[8]
Since moving into the new house I have been planning what I want to plant this upcoming spring and paying close attention to the Gardening section of my Southern Living magazine.  This morning when I was drinking my coffee and flipping through my magazine, I saw in the Grumpy Gardener article an ad for Crepe Murdering…..get the spin? Instead of crepe myrtle it was crepe murder….oh corny gardening humor lol Apparently there is a contest for the most murdered crepe myrtle of the year (Sidebar, in case you’re unfamiliar, these trees are often pruned back so that they can “grow fuller later”.  However they look practically dead and pathetic when pruned back too far; not to mention, that it really isn’t a healthy practice for this plant)  I just find this contest to be quite humorous and had to let y’all know about it. 
Here is the most assaulted myrtle from 2012.  So very sad looking :-(6a00e55131bf2a88330167637c8226970b-500wi
So if you’ve seen some crepe myrtles being assaulted with chainsaws, take a picture and enter it into the contest with the Grumpy Gardener :-)
xoxo Darby


Joy said...

HAHAHA! I've always hated when they cut them back and they look like they have knots on them. But I do love me some Crepe Myrtles!! Definitely a staple of the South!

Morgan said...

I love this! We were just laughing the other day because there are some murdered myrtles in the back yard of House #2 that we've offered on! In case you need some crepe myrtle tips, Randy Lemmon is an "expert" in gardening in our area (he has a radio show on 740AM and a great website)

Lori said...

That makes me want to cry! Poor beautiful plant!

Whitney said...

My dad totally does this!! Did it say where this house was? It looks like one in Savannah that I know!

Domesticable said...

haha too funny. I've been known to murder a few trees around our house. They come back nice though...i wish I could keep my herbs alive in the house. black thumb there.

L-dizzle from the widdie. din-widdie

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