Thursday, January 31, 2013

Super Bowl Cake Pops

I will not even pretend to be a cake pop connoisseur.  I am not the best at creating cake pops but I’m certainly a pro at eating them ;-)  Here is how I make cake pops festive to eat for Superbowl Sunday :-)
From the Kitchen of Darby Hawley

Bake a cake...
...and crumble it up (seems like a crime, right?) Since you’re just going to be crumbling it up, I wouldn’t take the time to bake a cake from scratch. Just buy a cake mix.Superbowl Collage 1

Add in 1/2 a can of frosting, & mix it up until it's not gooey, but still moldable.Superbowl Collage 2

Mold the "dough" into any shape you like (mini footballs for the Superbowl), then put them in the fridge and go fold some laundry
Oh sorry, let me clarify, I meant come fold MY laundry!DSC04126-2

Melt 1 bag of Wilton’s candy melts in the microwave.
Dip lillipop sticks (can buy at a craft store) into the chocolate, stick it into the hardened dough, & put them back into the fridge (this step uses the chocolate like "glue" so the dough doesn't fall off the lollipop stick).Superbowl Collage 3

Once the chocolate on the pops has hardened, dip the entire football into chocolate. Once that dries, I use yellow icing to add laces to the footballs.  I purchase Wilton’s Ready-to-Use decorating icing.  You can get this at most grocery stores or craft stores.  The awesome thing about this icing is that icing tips will screw right onto the bottle. So all you have to do is draw some laces on your footballs.
Superbowl Collage 4

I wont lie to you: this will take some time and patience, but they really are so fun and festive. Here is where I got the recipe. Mine are not nearly as pretty as hers, but after all that work, I'm pretty proud of the ones I made.
Have you all made cake pops before?
What tricks have you used to make it easier and faster?
xoxo Darby


The Tiny Button said...

YUM!!! I want to come party with you!! I have yet to attempt cake pops, but would love to try soon!!!

Joy said...

Okay, confession... I've never eaten a cake pop! GASP!!!!

put a bow on it [kaitlyn] said...

These turned out so good! I've found that the secret is to use the melting candy to dip it in. Milk chocolate NEVER works!

henning love said...

ive tried making these little suckers, ok i know they aren't suckers they are cake pop and they just never seem to turn out right for me. i love the footballs, they are too cute!

Jennifer Leible said...

These are sooo cute! Love the idea!

Meg O. said...

Adorable! Come bring me some!!!!!!! :)

Sarah said...

So super cute, Darby!

sherri lynn said...

These are so cute! I love cake pops! I've only made them once and I stuck with the basic round shape :) Making them into footballs sounds a little trickier!

Whitney said...

Hubby LOVES cake pops! I'll have to make these for him soon!

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