Friday, May 11, 2018

The Small Things: April 2018

If we were to go for coffee, either in a coffee shop by ourselves or around my kitchen table, what would I tell you?  I would share with you about the small things in my life that are just making life easier or more joyful.
recap: January ~ February ~ MarchThe Small Things- Life with the Hawleys
At first I really didn't like the new Essie Gel Couture polish, but I don't think I gave it a fair shot either, so I tried it a second time.  Now this might be my favorite nail polish! I think as a mama, I'm always washing and cleaning so nail polish is continually chipping off, and is almost pointless to have.  However, of all of the polishes, this one stays on the longest without chipping (at least a week), and has beautiful colors.  Something else I like about it, is that it is a gel polish but you don't have to have it professionally removed.  You can use regular polish remover at home and it works great.  I have this is a couple shades now.71P6 N19YdL._SY679_
I have been wearing this essential oil (Magnify Your Purpose) every day for almost a year.  I have a rollerball top in the bottle and I keep it on the kitchen counter.  I roll this on my wrist every morning before I get the kids up and in the late afternoon when I'm starting to get run-down.  This is a great instrument to help me focus on my priorities as a wife and mother & to be encouraged.3377
I know the name of this app might cause you to raise an eyebrow, but hear me out.  I love the app, Think Dirty.  I've used this for a LONG time & it is such a great tool.  The free app allows you to scan products for their ingredients and it tells you how safe the products are. It's a great tool, often a scary tool, to help you see how harmful products are that you may ingest or put on your body.  If you download this and just go through your makeup bag, hair products, home would probably be shocked! There a lot of products that claim to be "clean" or "natural" and they really are not.  So get this app stat!Think Dirty Appthinkdirty_appjpg
So those are a few of my favs right now!  What products are bringing you a little bit of sanity and joy these days?
Obligatory Blogger Disclaimer: I was not compensated for these opinions, I just really like these products.

xoxo Darby
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