Friday, April 6, 2018

Painting Textures: Preschoolers will love!

You know how your to-do list is way too ambitious everyday, & you have "roll-over"? But then things begin to "roll-over" at like weeks at a time... and then months? Please tell me, I'm not the only one here!  Well, this idea suffered from a 6-month roll-over.  And then for whatever reason, I thought, tomorrow is the day and I set this up for my kids.  I have no idea what fueled me skipping over many other things to get to this, but I'm SO glad that I did!Painting Textures- Life with the HawleysHawley Homeschool
I can't tell you how easy this is, and yet I still have no excuse for pushing it off for 6 months.  This didn't cost me a cent, and all I did was go "shopping" around my house for different objects that would fit in a clothes pin.  Easy right?!  I found a:
-cotton ball
-pipe cleaner
-piece of yarn
-piece off of a fake plant
-old makeup brush
-piece of foil
-glittery pom pom
-piece of saran wrap
Then I put everything in a clothes pin and got some paint for dipping.  Before the kids started painting, I asked them to predict what they thought the brush strokes would look like.  Their answers were so funny and this turned into such a fun activity.  I wish I had not waited so long to do this with them.DSC_0424DSC_0429DSC_0435
xoxo Darby

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