Wednesday, April 11, 2018

If You Give A Dog A Donut

Do your kids like donuts?!?!?!  If they do, then they will love this!  My kids love the If you Give A Mouse a Cookie series, so when I saw this donut activity, I HAD to make a unit out of it for If You Give A Dog A Donut!  If your preschooler loves this series, this will be the most fun $1.20 you will spend for at least NINE activities!If you give a dog a donut- Life with the HawleysHawley Homeschool
First you need to go to Bitty Beginnings to purchase the donut download & purchase the book.  I purchased the book used so I saved a lot of money on it.  I printed, laminated, and cut 3 copies of the document so that I would have extra donuts to use for both children at the same time.  For a week we read the book every morning during breakfast & then during our morning basket time we did an activity or two with the donuts to go along with the book.DSC_0189
On the first day I put fruit loops, “mini donuts”, into a sensory tray with the donuts and they had to look for the donuts.  I also punched holes into the donuts, and gave them a string to thread the donuts onto.DSC_0191
One day, instead of an activity, we read the book and walked to the donut shop at the end of our street and watched them make donuts.  When we got our donuts home we practiced setting the table to eat our donuts.
For a matching activity, I did not cut up one of the donut printables, and used it as a mat.  They had to go through the tray of cut-up donuts and match them to the ones on the mat.

With Dutch, we played Memory with the donuts flipped over, and he had to match them that way.DSC_0197
Using the “mini donuts” I separated out the yellow, blue, and pink fruit loops.  The kids had to use a fine motor tool to select the fruit loops & place them on the donut of the matching color as a sorting activity.DSC_0204DSC_0209
As a play activity, we pretended to make donuts in our play kitchen, and they served them to each other with a server.  We got to talk about what was in a donut, safety in the kitchen, washing our hands, manners, and serving others.  Lots of great things to talk about through pretend play.
After they could master the skill of serving the donuts, I added in counting.  With a dry erase marker I wrote a number on one of their play plates.  They had to serve the corresponding number of donuts to each plate.DSC_0202
On the last day, we “made” sprinkle donuts using play doh & sprinkles.  We rolled sprinkles into some play doh and then formed them into donuts with a stacking toyDSC_0208DSC_0206
I can’t even capture the excitement that both of my kids had with this unit.  They loved the book and all of the activities, and honestly, so did I!  Go check out this shop to purchase these fun donuts!

Okay so tell me, what books are YOUR kids reading that you think mine would also like?

Obligatory Blogger Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review.  I just really like the product.
xoxo Darby

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