Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Little Peep's Third Birthday

I don't know how we got here.  I don't know where time goes, but my Dutchie Boy, Little Peep, is about to turn THREE in a few weeks. Say what??!?! I know, I know, it seems like he was just born... and I think he was lol, but these years have flown by. His first year was so much fun as I was learning how to be a mom, and then the second year he just took of physically and cognitively and became a big brother.  This little boy keeps me on my toes and keeps me learning & laughing every day.  For the past two years we have hosted a party for him (First birthday Honey Bee & Second birthday Mickey Mouse), but this year we're going to take a more quiet and intimate approach without a party.  We're just going to do the things he loves and eat the things he likes to eat.  There will probably be a little beach day trip in there, some fishing and ice hockey, and definitely some birthday cake, but it will be quiet and just with our immediate family.  Mama, daddy, & little sister have already wrapped some gifts for him to open and I can't wait for present time!  Let me share with you what he will be getting this year for his birthday, but shhhhhhhhhh don't tell him!Gifts For Three Year Old Preschoolers- Life with the Hawleys1. Three-in-One Wooden Easel- Get it?! He's turning 3 and getting a 3 in 1 easel??!?!?! hahaha j/k  I'm a nerd!  Anyways, I cannot wait to use this in our school time.  Maybe this gift is for me? It is a nice table-top size easel that folds up which I think is a great space feature.  It has a dry erase board, chalk board, & magnetic board for artwork.  It comes with dry-erase markers, magnets, chalk, a chalk holder, eraser, & a ruler.  I can see us getting a lot of great use out of this.  In all honesty, I've been having the hardest time saving this for his birthday.  I've never been really good at waiting for things, especially gifts!

2. Wooden Register- As you know, we've been learning all about numbers this spring & the obvious next step is math, I thought this cash register would be a playful way to start talking about addition, subtraction, money, as well as all of the life skills that come with saving, paying, and stewardship.  You know I only like wooden toys so that was one of the main attractions to this register, but I also like this one because of the wooden register options, this one came with the play money and the little "scanner".  We've already got plenty of wooden food (this set & this set) that he will be able to "buy", so I think that this register will make learning even more fun.

3. Safety Scissors- Dutch hasn't discovered scissors yet.  This totally shocks me.  I don't know how we've been so effective at hiding them for this long.  This semester we've worked on tracing with writing utensils, but I think adding the skill of following a line while learning to cut will be fun.  These scissors only cut paper; and it's true because I tried to cut other things around the house, including my own hair!

4. Wooden Doctor Kit- I got this kit for him back in February when I wrote a unit on the human body for our homeschool (which I will share here soon, with lots of freebies!)  We've started going through that unit and I think he will like this hand-on application for learning about the body and how to care for it in a healthy manner.Gifts For Three Year Old Preschoolers- Life with the Hawleys 2
I think he's going to really enjoy these gifts (I know I will hehe). 
What other gifts would you recommend for this mama of an almost THREE year old? 
Obligatory Blogger Disclaimer: I was not paid by any of the companies mentioned, I just really like these products.  If someone wants to pay me though? I'd gladly accept the funding ;-)
xoxo Darby

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Nadine said...

Three years old???? You shut your face! I am not believing it!!! These are such great gift ideas though!

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