Monday, July 18, 2016

Oh-TWO-dles! Dutch is TWO!

Oh my goodness, I have a TWO YEAR OLD!  I have no idea how that happened! I’m probably going to say that every birthday.  I can foresee myself saying, “Oh my goodness, I have a FORTY YEAR OLD!”  I promise this is going to happen every year lol

Last year for Dutch’s birthday I was way super emotional.  I was so in denial about his birthday party that I almost didn’t plan a party at all; I just couldn't go there emotionally.  Then I finally got on board and I did plan the party, but when the party day arrived we had a torrential downpour.  Supposedly it was a Hundred Year Storm or something like that, but we had another one this year so I’m not sure that name is the most accurate description.  Anyways,  last year I rented a moon bounce, had the yard done with lost of games, the Mr. had smoked almost 20 lbs of meat, and my sister and her Beau flew in from Virginia……and then the rain hit.  I’m talking like HUGE flooding storm.  I was so sad that we couldn’t celebrate the way we had planned for Dutch.  His birthday ended up being fine; we got to celebrate him which was the entire purpose, but I knew that I wanted this year to be different.  I wasn’t going to go over-board with the birthday party.  Have you noticed all of those moms try to out-party (or out-pinterest) each other with their kids’ parties?! Yeah I’m not down with that at all.  This was going to be a small party and we were only going to do the things that Dutch loves.  He’s two.  There aren’t too many things he loves more than Mickey, the park, bubbles, cake, and pizza.  So that is exactly what we did.  And friends, it was perfect: the weather cooperated, Dutch had a blast, I wasn’t stressed out, and I got a chance to talk with everyone (not just say hi) at the party.  We did have a few decorations but nothing over the top or hard.  I’m so glad that my sister & her beau were able to fly in again this year to help us celebrate.  I have no idea what we would do without them!  I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our sweet Dutch entering a new year.  We were definitely looking forward to the celebration much more this year, and I’m so glad that I got to watch my joyful boy have so much fun at his birthday party.

For Dutch’s birthday we woke him up with a crib full of balloons. 
I swear, if you could have heard the giggles, you would have been laughing too :-)DSC_0640
The morning of the birthday party.  The girls (me, Aunt Nana, and Ellis) went to the park to set up a little bit before the guys arrived.  Aunt Nana was such a HUGE help with the decorations.  She also made Dutch’s cupcakes again this year.  It’s really special that she is the only one that has made him his birthday cupcakes so far. DSC_0251DSC_0320DSC_0317DSC_0254DSC_0259DSC_0265DSC_0271DSC_0272When Dutch was born I had a versed that I prayed over him (I have it posted on the nursery wall for Dutch & Ellis), and then last year I picked another verse for the year for him.  This year it was important for me to pick a verse to focus on praying over him this year also.  We had this sitting next to his cake.Dutch scripture for second birthdayOnce the boys got to the park we took a few pictures, because I knew if we didn’t do it at the beginning then it would be forgotten lolDSC_0288DSC_0312During the party Dutch spent the majority of the time throwing rocks into a puddle.  If that’s what makes you happy, go for it babe.  It’s your birthday after allDSC_0346Dutch really loves birthday cake; anyone’s birthday cake.  I’m not completely sure that he knew we were singing to him this time, and that it was cake in honor of him, but I don’t think he cared.  All he wanted was yummy cake.  He does love singing the song now, and whenever he hears the song or we talk about birthdays he wants to talk about cake. 
The kid definitely belongs to me ;-)

DSC_0360DSC_0366DSC_0405DSC_0416DSC_0422DSC_0430We opened presents when we got home after nap time…..I think we were all way more excited about this than he was, until he started unwrapping.  I tell ya, it was very different this year compared to last year.  He really understood what presents were and that you get to rip them open.  He got a “dump truck” (which are trash trucks…his favorite), a hockey set (that we play with all day everyday), some books, and several educational toys (our friends know me well lol).DSC_0469DSC_0474DSC_0725
This birthday party was such an enjoyable morning and such a fun celebration.
I love you my sweet Dutch, and I look forward to watching you grow this year.
xoxo Darby

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Nadine said...

That little dude is 2 already?!?!?! How??!?!?! His party looks totally cute and I love the outfits you picked out for them to wear. I see lots of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in my future. Thanks to my nephew, I already know the theme song, the hot dog song and how Oh tootles is really said!

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