Sunday, May 14, 2017

I Honor You

As I scroll through Facebook today, I am overwhelmed with emotion and the tears stream down my cheeks.  To see so many pictures of beautiful & loving families fills my heart with joy, but it also makes my heart ache, as I know for so many, Mother’s Day is so very painful.  So, 

-To the mamas with their arms full, with boogers in their hair & food wiped on their pants from their kids.... I honor you (and send you lots of coffee)!

-To the mamas who are feeling those little jabs in your tummy for the first time, and you smile so big your face hurts, your giddiness is infectious.  I honor you!

-To the mamas with babies in heaven, you are important and valued and loved. You ARE a mother! I honor you!

-To the mamas who ache for their womb to be filled, you have purpose and are beautiful and full. I honor you!

-To the mamas overcome & consumed with trauma, you are precious & even though you feel broken, you are treasured. I honor you!

-To the mamas who no longer have their mothers on earth, you are sad because what you once had was epic and you miss it, but those former days left you with a great legacy. I honor you!

-To those that are estranged from their mothers, maybe you will reconnect with your own mother one day & maybe you won’t, but you and your struggle are weighty & significant. Your perseverance speaks volumes about your character.  I honor you!

-To the exhausted single mothers, I am amazed at your commitment and giant cups of overflowing love. I honor you!

Basically, if you’re a woman reading this today.  I honor you because you are a precious treasure. I love you!
xoxo Darby

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