Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday; The ULTIMATE Crib Sheet

I was told I needed these crib sheets and I got them because they made blowouts easier and I always recommend these to new mamas.  In fact, I’ve written about them before (here) and I almost always give them as a baby shower gift (yeaaaaaa I’m one of those boring practical gift-givers).  But even though I’ve written about them before, after last week, it warrants talking about them AGAIN!Ultimate Crib Sheet
I have a *new* appreciation for these crib sheets now. Last week, in a single night, I would have had to change crib bedding THREE times!!!  My poor baby boy was just so sick; a nasty virus got him :-( Thank goodness for these ultimate crib sheets containing everything so I could just roll it off the bed and focus more time on rocking my sick little boy than cleaning up.
These crib sheets will save. you. sleep.  So how it works: this is a sheet that goes on top of the crib sheet; it goes mattress, mattress cover, bed sheet, ultimate crib sheet.  It hooks onto the rails of the crib and has soft fabric on the side that touches baby and a plastic side that points towards the mattress.  When bodily fluids get loose (read: The Three P's: poop, pee, & puke), and I promise they will, the sheet catches the fluid from running down the sides of the actual crib as well as prevents it from going through the sheets.  In the middle of the night when the flu hits (and it always comes in the middle of the night) you just have to unhook the ultimate crib sheet and put a new one down and you can skip mass loads of laundry through your sleepy eyes.  I have 2 per kid: one that is always on their bed and one at the ready when they need to be swapped quickly.  I used 3 in a single night just for Dutch; I’m so glad that I had more on hand. I also have one on my side of the bed when babies are sleeping with can never be too careful with these sneaky kiddos ;-)
PLEASE do yourself a favor and get these crib sheets…or register for them!

Obligatory blogger disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review; I just really like these crib sheets.
xoxo Darby


Jennifer Leible said...

I just so happen to be registered on Amazon so I just added that to my registry right now! Thanks for the share! Not looking forward to the idea of blowouts... but I know I'll adjust! :)

Chelsea said...

I love these ultimate crib sheets. I used these with my son until the age of 4 when we were getting him potty trained through the night. I would put one underneath his fitted sheet while potty training to help protect the mattress itself, which really helped!

Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster

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