Friday, September 30, 2016

Before 10am

I’m living in a sweet spot.  I have one young toddler who hasn’t had the desire yet to completely rebel and develop his own autonomy.  And I’ve got an 8 month old that can’t go very far very fast.  Oh and she can’t speak, so arguments are rarely a thing with her.  It's just a sweet spot.  Life is easy and enjoyable.  Don’t get me wrong, of course we have bad days; we’re human.  But for the most part my days are really enjoyable.  Right now I’m loving my mornings with my babies.  There is something just so special and enjoyable about the mornings lately.  I want to remember these mornings, how ever early they may be, always.  Just to capture a glimpse of our home, this is what our days are typically like before 10am.
The early morning alarm goes off at 4am………through sleepy eyes, let’s get the day goingDSC_0229

The house is dark and quiet……the ONLY time it’s like this all day long.  Must embrace the early quiet!DSC_0237

The Mr. gets ready for the gym and work and while both babies are sleeping like angels. He is out the door pretty early.Before 10 am-1Before 10 am-2

The puppies loathe the early mornings.  I think they would sleep until noon if I let them. Lazy pups!DSC_0259

I forgot to get the coffee ready the night before!  Hurry and get that go-go juice!!!!!  I recently discovered Dunkin' Doughnuts hazelnut's pretty good y'all!  We still have the old school coffee maker.  No Keurig for us.....I'm anti-Keurig which I guess is a topic for its own post.Before 10 am-3

It’s a Friday….that means we have to get the trash to the curb, and of course we didn’t get to that last night either.  DSC_0249

I try to get a pump session in before Lady Ellis wakes.  She usually gets up around 6 now.  So we nurse, change her diaper, play and have one on one time.  She’s so cheery in the morning.  (She did NOT get this trait from me!) On this particular morning as I’m washing my face, Lady Ellis discovers the puppys’ water bowl.  “Oh this is going to be so much fun today” is the sarcastic thought the scrolls across my mind.Before 10 am-4

 Time to get Ellis dressed and another cup of coffee…..and yes I always stir my coffee with a child’s spoon now.  At first it was out of desperation and sheer avoidance of tackling the mountain of dirty dishes, but now I actually think they’re the perfect coffee stirrers…. I might never go back.DSC_0275DSC_0281

About 8am my Dutch is awake, and he ALWAYS asks to see “baby girl” first thing in the morning.  But right after he sees her he's on to “dump truck” hunting.  He knows that Fridays are trash days so he sits at his window to watch for the garbage trucks while I change another diaper.  Just for reference, trash doesn’t get picked up until about 1pm so he is stalking the window for hours.  Every sound outside that is even remotely close to the sound of a truck has him racing to the window.
 Dutch reads “If you give a mouse a cookie” while I make breakfast.  It’s definitely his favorite book right now.  Our go-to for breakfast is breakfast tacos, or as Dutch calls it “bread and cheese”DSC_0316Before 10 am-5

After breakfast I try to get my blog posted.  All of my posts are pre-written and scheduled to go live at 5am, but I post them to social media around 9am.DSC_0333

Peanuts is another one of Dutch’s favorites lately, so he’s allowed to watch 15 minutes while I nurse Ellis before her nap.  I keep telling her that if she doesn’t want to nap at 9am she should just sleep later.  So far she hasn’t listened to my suggestion.DSC_0334

Once Ellis is down for her morning nap in mama’s bed, Dutch and I have our school time.  We’ve been working hard on fine motor skills, shapes, colors, & days of the week.  For our scripture work we’ve been learning about Jonah and the big fish.DSC_0335DSC_0340DSC_0341
By the time our school time is over, it’s time to start thinking about lunch and afternoon naps.  The mornings go so quickly.  Slow down time!
xoxo Darby

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