Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Five.....or Something Like That {August 2016}

It's been a few months since I just dropped in with some tid bits of what's going on and what I've been thinking about (here is the last time), so I thought I would do that today.  And yeah, I know there are more than 5 here….oh well lol

*Cookie Two Step* Yes friends, this is exactly as good as it sounds.  This is the latest genius creation of Blue Bell! Cookies and cream + chocolate chip cookie dough = life changed!  I remember when I was pregnant with Dutch and there was a limited release of mint chocolate chip mixed with cookies and cream, and I have dreamt about this ice cream more times than I would like to admit.  In fact, every time I grocery shop I look in the ice cream aisle hopeful that I will find it.  Until now nothing has compared.  This ice cream is now my ultimate favorite.  Can’t be beat!  The only downfall?  I'm not preggo right now so I don't have a good excuse for eating it constantly :-( Also, apparently I’m not the only one who loves it and it’s often sold out at HEB.  I will be so so so sad if they stop making this flavor. 
cookie two step

*Weird Shoes*  I never wear shoes anymore, or at least not for very long.  The other day I went on our grocery store run(HEB & Costco) and as soon as I got home I kicked off my shoes, which, let’s be honest, are barely shoes because I was wearing flops, and I remember thinking that shoes are the weirdest things to me right.   I mean I love my boots for the fall, but it’s just been so long since they’ve seen my feet.  Anyone else feel like that?

*Crafting* This summer I’ve gotten back to crafting during nap time.  I took some time off, brain mandated when Ellis was born, to adjust to our new normal, and I think I finally started to get into a routine where I could start tapping back into my crafty side. I’ve been making a lot of things lately.  I’ll have to make a post and share my latest projects with you.Crafts

*Nine Month Clothes* Y'all, I'm just a tad bit devastated. Ellis just turned 6 months old but is sooooo long that I'm having to switch out all of her 6 month clothes for her 9 month clothes just so she can straighten her legs. She is just so long and skinny!  Her top half is petite and still in 3-6 month clothes, but if she is wearing a onesie and we need it to button, or pants that I don’t want to look like shorts, she needs 9 month clothes!  Silly me built my stash for her thinking she'd be wearing 9 month clothes when she was 9 months old and it would be fall.  So all of the 9 month clothes I have for her are fall themed (think long sleeves and pumpkins).  She's growing too fast AND she’s going through my clothing stash for her at lightening speed. I'm might not be as ready for the holidays as I thought. Waaaaaaaa and my baby is turning into a teenager already waaaaaa #firstworldproblems #tellmybabytoslowdown
This is Ellis in her newborn clothes. 
My brain says that she should still be wearing this size.  Right?!DSC_0383

*Amazon Smile* Speaking of Amazon, I just might be the very last person on earth to learn about this, but oh well.  Better late than never, right?  Have you heard of Amazon Smile? Instead of signing into your regular Amazon account you go to to sign in.  From here, with your purchases Amazon gives back a portion to an organization of your choice.  I have mine set to give to our church, so every time I make a purchase (which just might be more than I would like to admit) a portion is donated to the church.  How cool and easy is that to give back?! A lot of schools & other outreach programs are listed that you can choose from.  You still get all of your Prime membership discounts; nothing changes except that some portion of your purchase is given back.  Why not shop here?! So smile, make your shopping count!  (Sorry I am in a corny mood, I just had to say that). Great way to justify more shopping, heheheAmazon Smile

*Car Bucket* Dutch loves vehicles of all kinds right now.  We have an abundance of cars and trucks and he likes to play with them on the couch.  I thought he would enjoy one of those carpets that have a road on them so that he could push his cars around.  As I was shopping for one I came across this road mat.  This mat has a road printed on it, is a nice plastic that can easily be cleaned, a decent size, but also, AND THIS IS THE BEST PART, it folds up into a bucket with handles to help carry around and store cars.  How awesome is that?!  We can keep all of our cars in one place and clean.  And y’all, it was only $15!  Thank you Amazon!
Car Collage

*New Girl* The Mr. and I discovered the show New Girl when Ellis was born and we’ve been binge watching this show.  We tape the old reruns to catch up and watch 2 episodes a night (trust me it’s tough to limit it just to 2 episodes!).  We’ve cycled through all of the reruns so I think we’re ready for the new fall season.  Schmidt is definitely my favorite character on the show!  We did the same thing when Dutch was born except it was Big Bang Theory and Chopped.7529
Okay, that’s enough randomness for now right?
Tell me what’s going on with you and what’s been on your mind lately!
xoxo Darby

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StephTheBookworm said...

That ice cream sounds so good but I'm not sure if we have that brand around here. Must look!

Aww, Caleb has always been in clothes larger than his age too. He's in 24 months clothing now and not yet 19 months old.

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