Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tomlin & Rooney: Pupdate

DSC_0300Okay it happened.  I think I always knew it was going to happen eventually but I was still caught off guard and feel super convicted.  I received an email from a reader, and it honestly was a great email; she was so sweet!  But she asked about Tomlin & Rooney…...  If you’ve been around here for a while then you know that those are our precious pups, but if you’re new around here you probably don’t know about them at all and that’s because I’ve had a complete #momfail.  I just haven’t updated LWTH on them in a long time…... like probably a year and half (that just makes me cry!)  Gosh it makes me feel terrible that I haven’t shared about them.  I haven’t purposefully left them out, it’s just that nothing has really changed.  No news is good news?  But I’m so so so so glad that she asked about them; it brought to my attention that I need to make sure that they are getting their due around here.  I’ve given y’all probably way too many Bumpdates in the past year and a half so how about a Pupdate for you this time? ;-)
DSC_0297DSC_0264Tomlin is now 5 and Rooney is 4 (they’re 9 months apart)!  I honestly can’t believe that we’ve had them both for about 5 years.  That is crazy town!  So much has happened in our world since then.  I think we must have prepared the pups well for becoming a big sister and a big brother (our preparation here) because they have transitioned soooooo well!  They smoothly welcomed Dutch, and I was so nervous that they would be jealous but they adore him!  Especially now that Dutch is getting older.  They love to all play ball in the backyard, and let Dutch feed them treats every night; they are both so gentle with Dutch.  I think their favorite time of the day is dinner time.  We make them sit in the living room on the carpet so they aren’t begging…..(correction, so they aren’t begging right at our feet lol).  As soon as we are done with dinner and I say “Clean-up!” you would think I just awarded a pack of elephants with a Publisher’s Clearing House supply of peanuts the way they barrel into the kitchen to lick the floor under Dutch’s chair.  It’s hilarious!  I’m not sure they’ve noticed that Ellis is here yet.  They’ve both kissed her on the head but that’s about the extent of their interactions.  Maybe when she’s mobile they will notice her?DSC_0300DSC_0178
Tomlin, my oldest baby, goes by T-T and T-girl these days.  She is still my quiet and gentle girl.  She is sooooo sweet with family and friends, but if you want to deliver a package to our house she will threaten to shred you to pieces.  She is very protective of our home and will certainly alert us to anything even remotely out of place.  Tomlin follows me around all day, is frequently sitting next to me or at my feet (like she is right now), and hops up in bed with me and the babies in the morning after the Mr. leaves for work.  When the boys are playing hockey or cars in the house and it’s getting loud she retreats to the guest bathroom rug for a nap and peace and quiet (sometimes Ellis and I hide with her j/k ….sort of).  I often think Tomlin would have been a great mama, and I sometimes feel guilty that she wont ever have pups of her own.  Tomlin's favorite things are still bubbles and balloons.DSC_0301DSC_0680DSC_0575
Rooney, my first baby boy, still goes my Roo-Roo.  He continues to have a tough time with chronic ear infections for the past year and a half.  He has been on so many medications and even had a special $80 a week of duck only diet for a few months. In January he developed a hematoma in one of his ears because of his ear infections.  It’s sad but we still can’t get them cured long-term.  Rooney has had health issues since we got him, and that’s one of the reasons we got him (He was drugged as a puppy when we rescued him at 4 weeks old).  We’ve spent a lot of time at several doctors with him over the past 4 years to keep him healthy because of his rocky start.  Maybe this is the year that we’ll get the ears under control?  Roo spends his days lusting for the Mr to return home.  He sits on the edge of the couch looking out the window for The Mr’s truck and sleeping. Roo doesn’t listen to a thing I say, but I swear he can hear the Mr. turn onto the street in the evening.  If he’s outside he will throw himself (I swear I’m not exaggerating) against the backdoor to get to the Mr and alert me that he is almost home.  It’s partly funny, and partly pathetic.  Roo is head over heels and completely obsessed with the Mr. and could not care less about me.  Roo loves to go camping and fishing with The Mr, and loves to lay by the camp fire.DSC_0265DSC_0789
Okay I feel better now.  I’ve reported on my sweet fur babies.  Y’all please hold me accountable to share about them if it goes too long again!
xoxo Darby


Jessica said...

Gosh I love dogs. I want my kids to have the experience of growing up with a dog, but we have 3 cats and only one of them does well with dogs. Some day, though!

Darby Hawley said...

Yes one day :-) we had cats growing up and loved them and I'm sure your kids will too!

Edye Nicole said...

What cuties! Dogs are such amazing pets <3

Edye | Http://

Kellyn Fleming said...

Aww! I love these fur babies and their sweet stories! These update made me giggle a little at times because of their distinct personalities and quirks. Can't wait to see them!!!

Emily said...

:) :) They are precious fur babies. Good to hear an update on them.

Cari said...

I want to squeeze them both!!! They are so handsome. I love when they cuddle with the kids. Bre and Baxter are going to be BFF's I know for sure!

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