Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday: Urban Tot Cot

Hey, remember when I was actually on top of things in my life and had a cool new thing to share with you every Wednesday?  Do you remember? I hardly remember.  It seems like an eternity ago hahaha  Oh well, let's not dwell on the past.  11410376_1476938509265563_1725847927_n
Dutch goes to school for about 4 hours a week: two hours on Tuesday and Thursday each.  It’s really important for us to make sure that he is getting those social and developmental skills.  He really seems to enjoy being with his friends and teachers and he is learning so much so fast; this makes us happy and gives us reassurance that we are attending to all of his needs as he grows.  Dutch attends a Montessori school so once a child has met all of their developmental milestones in one class they are moved to the next class.  In July Dutch was moved to the Infant II class and I was told that he now needed a bedroll.  My immediate response was, "What in the world is a bedroll?!" hahaha #firsttimemom  When I discovered that a bedroll was a napmat I got to work searching for the best fit for Dutch.  That is when I stumbled upon the Urban Infant Tot Cot.

I found this awesome bedroll on Amazon: it was a decent price (some bedrolls are insanely priced if you ask me), had fantastic reviews, and matched exactly what I was looking for.  It arrived in 2 days and I posted the picture above on Instagram of Dutch practicing with his new bedroll at home before we took it to school with him.  He really seemed to enjoy it so we gave it a try. Y'all, I can honestly say that not only does Dutch love it, but so do I and so does his teacher! 

Why Dutch loves it: The bed roll is super soft, and has everything he needs in one spot include a little pocket for a lovie, a pillow, and a blanket.

Why mama loves it: I love that the material is gentle on Dutch's skin.  I'm also a fan of the various prints there are choose from that aren't silly animated characters and are gender neutral.  I love that everything came with the bedroll and I didn't need to find separate blankets or pillows to fit this particular bedroll; it truly is an all-in-one design.  I really appreciate how lite it is to to carry.  There is a convenient strap that I can just throw over my shoulder to tote his bedroll home.  Speaking of getting it home, this is the easiest thing to wash!  I can throw the entire thing in the washing machine!  

Why the teachers love it: Dutch's teachers love that everything is all connected and in one place so it is very easy to roll up.  Everything, even the pillow and blanket, roll up together.  At school the bedrolls are rolled out onto mattresses and this bedroll comes with elastic loops on the corners that easily hook onto the edges of the mattress so the bedroll stays flat.  There is also a great spot on the front where I have his name so that the teachers can quickly identify his bedroll, roll it up, and place it into his cubby.

I don't think that I can rave enough about the Urban Infant Tot Cot!  It really is the perfect design and I'm so glad that we chose this one.  If you have a little one in school, even if only for a couple hours a week, this is a great bedroll for naps and I highly recommend it.
Obligatory Blogger Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post; I just really like this brand.
xoxo Darby

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StephTheBookworm said...

Dutch looks so happy in it! Adorable!

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