Monday, August 3, 2015

A Day In The Life

Does this make me nosey? I love to see what days are like for other people.  Not special days, but just the everyday, normal, average, day.  So in case your nosey like me (hehe, I kid), then here is a peak into a veeeeeeery normal day for us. No glam here, but just an hour by hour what happens around Chateau Hawley everyday. (This is from Wednesday this past week.)

7am: I’m up by 7 everyday and I check my phone in bed until 8 when Dutch gets up.  He usually gets up a little earlier than 8am, but he has quiet time in his room until 8am.  This has been a great character builder for practicing patience and learning to be quiet and still.10299686_1633523226886575_684085694_n
8am. Face washed, teeth brushed, leggings on, hair in top knot, iced coffee in hand, dinner in the crockpot (thanks to my bestie & our freezer club meal swap)..... time to get Dutch up.11330602_1645588925682509_1274595842_n
9am: I've nursed, put makeup on, breakfast (for Dutch, the dogs, & myself), posted our blog on social media, listened to the Today show, packed & made snack for our morning activity (we do something every morning: the park, library, pool, playdate, etc. Today we are headed to the children's museum. We love the tots area)......FYI: I've only made it a 1/4 of the way through my iced coffee.11351603_1678446549055018_1933822992_n
10am: We are just about at the museum, but right before we left this little boy serenaded me with the sweetest music.  He truly loves music these days.  He likes to make music and dance to music.  11809544_1451940691798294_494594344_n
11am: Dutch's favorite activity at the children's museum is always driving the trucks :-)
Like father, Like son11373682_777080679067922_1804715377_n
12pm: Well I was going to take my sweet boy on a date (because this mama is craving a salad) but my date has fallen asleep. So we'll have to save our date for tomorrow. I guess today is a Chick-Fil-A drive through lunch day because we all know you never, EVER, wake a sleeping baby11246739_909738592432597_2130820577_n
1pm: Successful transfer of sleeping baby to the crib. Checking email, stir dinner, and starting to order fall clothes for Dutch. I have the hardest time keeping this kid in clothes that fit.  He grows way too fast!11356354_399563080238369_88917782_n
2pm: Cloth diapering mamas know, acceptance is the first step: the laundry will NEVER be done. (Plus Teeny Peep photobomb).  Time to fold the first load of diapers for today.11311311_754716691318371_160345493_n
3pm: What I call dog bowls, Dutch calls cymbals.  See I told you that he loves to make music ;-)11326393_1478140815832970_845929862_n
4pm: Bible lesson: 'C' is for church (Acts 2:45).
Every afternoon we do some Bible time & art time.  He really enjoys coloring and painting.11373520_1585653425034055_1288341269_n
5pm: Dutch could read books for far today we've read books for almost 2 hrs!  He will bring me a book, and he wants to sit in my lap and have me read it to him.  Then when I’m done reading he will bring me another one, until I have read every book we own!  He absolutely loves books.  Sometimes while I’m doing dishes he will come pull on my leg and I will look down at him holding a book up at me.  I cannot resist this!  Dishes can wait and we read books on the kitchen floor.11330785_864283990313926_979039673_n
6pm: Dinner roasted chicken, green beans with cranberries, & mashed potatoes. It tasted like thanksgiving! So yummy!11809523_1621616608079305_1354910280_n
7pm: Just keep'n it real lol The Mr got home from work early (usually he gets home between 8 & 9) so I'm getting a jump start on cleaning the house.11242386_445047972362389_487553686_n
8pm: Went on our evening walk, washed & nursed Dutch, and got him to bed. Now it's time to unwind from the day.  Diffusing lavender essential oil is always helpful for relaxation in the evening.11326543_127164140957584_908984463_n
9pm: Showered, finished another load of cloth diapers, read Bringing Up Bebe (again!), & hoping to pass out in the same place I woke up at some point in the next hour. But the joke is on me!  I actually didn’t fall asleep for another 2.5 hours (no pictures of this because who wants to see that?)11820433_836005639855950_1807155981_n
So that is our pretty regular day, now times today by 7 and that's our everyday :-)  It isn’t a glamorous life but it is a life I love and am grateful for every single day!
If you want to follow more of this super exciting life I live (hahahahahaha, I can’t even write that with a straight face lol), feel free to follow LWTH on Instagram!
xoxo Darby


Unknown said...

I enjoyed reading through your day. You're the sweetest mama! I also love the paint in his room- super cute.

Sam | Away She Went said...

I'm nosey too because I love Day in the Life posts! Dutch is so cute with his "cymbals"! lol

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