Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday: Dutch’s One Year Pictures

****Don’t forget to cast your vote for what you think Teeny Peep will be! A he, or a she??*****

Y’all I swear I can’t stop starring at these images of my baby boy.  Yes, I just called him my baby boy; he will always be my baby boy ;-)  How can I pick a favorite picture?  Seriously, I have so many favorites!

We are so very grateful for Grace Hill Photography capturing another beautiful piece of this precious boy’s life.  Thank you Grace!  Y’all need to go check out her portfolio; I can’t even express how amazing she is!

Grace took these pictures right after Dutch turned one :-)
This first year with Dutch flew by!edits-0001edits-0002edits-0003edits-0004I love that Grace let me jump in front of the camera to get some pictures of us together.
These moments of just us two are limited so I cherish each and every moment together with my precious little boy.edits-0007edits-0008edits-0009edits-0010Check out my little model lol
He cracks me up :-)edits-0015edits-0016edits-0017edits-0018edits-0019edits-0020edits-0022edits-0023edits-0024edits-0025edits-0026And then, of course, we had to also get some pictures to announce that Teeny Peep was on the way :-)
This was such a fun way for Dutch to tell y’all the good news!edits-0027edits-0028
You see what I’m talking about?! Isn’t Grace Hill Photography on point?!?!? Go check her out!
xoxo Darby


Meg O. said...

These are so dreamy! And of course you are insanely gorgeous!

Nadine said...

I absolutely adore these pictures!!! That is one handsome little man you have there and you are just glowing!

StephTheBookworm said...

That is one handsome boy, and you are one pretty mama! These are GREAT!

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