Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday: Antiquing

A couple weekends ago we went antiquing with some of our best friends in Houston.  We went to the largest antique show in the country and it was SO MUCH FUN!  We walked for miles looking at tons of treasures!  If it weren’t for the fact that we were getting sunburnt, our feet hurt, and the sun was going down, we could have shopped for weeks!  There was so much to look at that I could hardly focus.  I’ve got two more bedrooms in my “warm bungalow” to decorate so next time I will definitely have a much longer list to help guide my shopping instead of just hoping from tent to tent with big googlie eyes hahaha
It was so nice to get out of the city for the weekend and move at a slower, more pleasant, pace.DSC_0376-2DSC_0388-2DSC_0404-2DSC_0419-2Collage 12
I saw this “Dead People Stuff” sign and couldn’t help but giggle a little.  Isn’t that what antiquing is?! People drop big bucks for this kind of stuff lol
I saw a lot of neat things and I’ve got a lot of great DIY ideas coming your way friends :-)Collage 9Collage 1Collage 3Collage 2Collage 4Collage 5Collage 6Collage 7Collage 8Collage 10Collage 11

After a great weekend with friends, we started back into the city and saw some Blue Bonnets! I feel like I can finally call myself a Texan, since I have finally seen the Blue Bonnets and taken pictures of them.
Next time I will have to get my picture with them!DSC_0567-2

They really are pretty!
I wonder if I should plant some of these in the yard?DSC_0569-2DSC_0570-2
Yep, I’m a real Texan now ;-)
Have you ever been antiquing? If you go antiquing in Houston, what places would you recommend? I have 2 more rooms to decorate and I need some suggestions :-)
xoxo Darby


Joy said...

Darby! I seriously LOVE the photos. You have the perfect eye! And that chandelier... I want it!!!

Nadine Lynn said...

I love antique shopping! There used to be an antique show once a month in Atlanta when I lived there and I would go with my parents. These pictures are wonderful...and I die for those windows!

Domesticable said...

Heaven on earth! Looks good. I hope you found some cool stuff!


Jessica K said...

So I guess you went to Canton? I love that place!! In Houston I can't think of anything, but not to far from Houston is Round Top - and they do two big shows twice a year (March-ish and September-ish). Definitely should plant bluebonnets!

Irish Italian Blessings said...

Great pictures Darby, wow! The Dead Peoples Stuff sign is awesome.

Emily said...

Neat photos. Looks like a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Looks like y'all had a good time! I would have bought so many of those windows! Oh my I'm pining for them now!!!!
And for places to go in Houston, there are some antique stores on Westheimer in the Montrose area. I know some of them are a bit pricey but you might find a good deal. I've only been over there once so I don't too much about it.
Also there is a place called The Guild, it's on Dunlavy between Gray and Westheimer. It's a fun resale shop, but they are only open certain hours.


Susan Fleming said...

that is my kinda of store and shoping

Ashley Smith said...

I love the pictures.. stunning looks relaxing too!! I miss those bluebonnets!! Once a Texan always a Texan!! Awe glad to see you are doing well. Miss ya, ash

Meg Cady said...

A, Obvi Im behind.
C. I need it all.
D. I am so glad I got to see you today!

Jennifer Leible said...

Ooooooweeeee! That stuff looks amazing! I'm so jealous!!

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