Monday, March 4, 2013

Warm Bungalow

It’s been about a month since I took this video of the house updates.   I need to show you so that I can tell you all about the new changes that have happened since I made this video.  I’m clearly having a hard time keeping up. Oh well, I guess just remind yourself that this is not in real time; about a month behind lol

We’ve been in the new house for two months now (yay!) and we’ve decided on a feel that we want our house to have: warm bungalow.  We want a classic home where guests feel comfortable. I don’t know if that makes sense to you or not, but that is the feeling we’re shooting for.  Does anyone else search for adjectives to prompt their décor?

This is the last video footage I gave you of the first 3 days we were in the house (see here)
Below is a walk-through of our warm bungalow updates we made the first month in the house.

In case you want something we’ve purchased, here are the links:
Fireplace screen
Sheets in white (King)
Coverlet in Powder Blue (King)
Down Comforter (Level 4, King)
Duvet cover (King)
Bar stools (these are not the exact stool we purchased, but something very similar: wooden back with leather seat)

Hope you have a great week friends! Happy Monday!!

xoxo Darby


Joy said...

Everything looks soooo good! I can't wait to see it all in person. And poor baby Tomlin just wanted to take a peaceful nap, mom! =) Happy Monday!! I'm still counting down!!

Unknown said...

Really it is the cutest!!!

Kellyn Fleming said...

It's looking great!!!! I love everything that you've done since moving in! Tomlin was so curious once you woke her up haha

Jessica K said...

Very nice! Very calming and relaxing. I love the pillows on your bed, super cute!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Lookin' good, Darby! You must be having so much fun setting up house too!

Domesticable said...

Love it! It looks way better in person! I like those bar stools too.

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