Thursday, March 14, 2013

Reader --> Lovin'

I'm usually very dedicated to Google but not this time.  Can't be switching up on me Google. *tisk tisk*
After all of the chaos yesterday with Google Reader, you can now follow me on Bloglovin' but clicking on the icon below.
Follow on Bloglovin
You can still use Google Reader until 7/1/13, but if you want to make the switch now you have another option :-)
Happy Thursday my loves!
xoxo Darby


applesandglue said...

Done! :)

Sarah said...

ok- so i've seen this all over the place today. and i have to ask- what if i follow through blogger, is that google reader?

Domesticable said...

Wait what did I miss? Oh heavens.

Jennifer Leible said...

I've never used Google Reader....but I was already following you through blog lovin'. Do I get points for that?! :)

Ashley said...

I switched today too!!! Now I am just figuring it all out!!

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