Monday, April 8, 2013

Hawley Chicken Pot Pie: “The Sick Dish”

From the Kitchen of Darby HawleyI have tried a million different recipes for chicken pot pie, from the freshest ingredients to the frozen.  I always come back to my staple.  To me, you just can’t beat a tasty recipe that is fast and affordable.  To me that is a classic and what’s the point in reinventing the wheel folks?!

When I was growing up my mom made this broccoli, rice, & chicken dish that she always made for others: “The Sick Dish”.  Whenever she would make it we knew that she was taking it to someone who was sick, lost a loved one, just had a baby, or was just going through a tough season.  It was a symbol of her compassion for others.  Well this is what my chicken pot pie dish has become.  I make this dish so often for others who might appreciate some help in the kitchen due to other more important things going on in their lives.  It's a dish of comfort that sticks to your ribs and makes you feel loved.  (Sidebar- It's also great for new nursing moms who can't have spicy things.) It’s a symbol of loving on others, and serving them the way Christ encouraged us to.  It really is a blessing to serve others.
Chicken Pot Pie Scripture
Not only is this pie shared with others, but it has become one of the Mr.’s favorite dishes.  When I would make this pie and take it to others Mr. would always say “Well what about us? We aren’t having chicken pot pie for dinner?” So now whenever I make one, I have to make two: one to deliver and one for my adorable husband whom I could never say no to.  This is also a recipe that I always make the day after Thanksgiving while we put up the Christmas tree (“turkey pot pie”).  You know I hate leftovers so this helps me “redecorate” my turkey leftovers so I don’t get bored.

Since I have mentioned this dish so many times around LWTH, and I usually get requests for the recipe after I take it someone (not bragging, just saying so that you trust me when I say it’s delicious), I thought I would share this fast, affordable, and scrumptious recipe with you.  The simplicity might blow you away, so hold on! ;-)

1 box of pie crust (that comes with 2 pastries)
2 ½-3 cups cooked & shredded chicken or turkey. Unless it’s Thanksgiving I always buy a rotisserie chicken from Costco.**
2 cans of mixed vegetables (which include peas, carrots, potatoes, corn)
1 can of cream of chicken soup
1 can of cream of potato soup
1 cup milk
salt and pepper to taste
*All ingredients can be the generic store brand.  I’ve tried the expensive and the cheap, and it all tastes the same so why not just buy the cheap? This dish should cost you about $11 per pie.
**When you buy a rotisserie chicken for this dish do not buy flavors (e.g. lemon pepper or bbq); it does not taste like you want it to.  Also if you live in Houston, do not purchase the Natural chicken from Central Market for this.  It has an unusually slimy texture that does not bode well for chicken pot pie.

  1. Defrost the pie crust and lay one pastry into pie pan (no need to grease the pan).
  2. Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl and pour into the prepared pie crust.  Flatten down ingredients with a spatula.
  3. Cover the filled pie crust using the second pie crust.  Cut holes into the top crust for better heating. Place pie pan on top of a cookie sheet to cook (this prevents the spillover from dirtying the oven).  Cook for 30 minutes at 325 degrees and then turn the oven up to 350 degrees for another 30-40 minutes.  For the last 15 minutes, monitor the pie so that you can take it out when the crust starts to brown and flake the way you like it.
Chicken Pot Pie-2I hope you come to love this chicken pot pie as much as we have.
Have a lovely week friends!!!
xoxo Darby


applesandglue said...

Mmm chicken pot pie is the best, thanks for the recipe.. maybe one day I'll make it myself instead of relying on my mom! :)

Jessica K said...

Sounds delicious - minus the peas. I have an aversion!

Susan Fleming said...

I will have to try this

great idea

Haylee said...

Darby, Just pinned...I never can find it from when you gave it to me so just figured might as well pin. I made this for my sister after Clay passed away in individual portions to freeze and she loved it! I've also given it to my mom and her and her husband love it! And to think none of us use to like chicken pot pie!!:)

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