Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday: 2011 Electronics

When I was reflecting on 2011 and making goals for 2012 I noticed a trend from the past year.  Now I would not normally consider myself a gadget, electronic, or even technologically savvy gal.  However, 2011 reflects differently.  The Mr and I purchased several new and fun electronics in 2011 that I am still lovin’

Back in the spring, Phil purchased surround sound.  This has been awesome for epic movies and especially for football season.  These are the speakers right before they were installed.DSC04924
To match the surround sound, in November we purchased a new 55-inch TV for the family room. This is really rockin’ my socks.
This is the 47-inch TV we had above the mantle before.  This was my gift to  Phil when we got married.  It now resides in the office.DSC_1140
This is our new 55-inch TV :-)  (Sidebar- Before you even ask, YES I do still have all of our Christmas decorations up.  I just can’t bring myself to take them down; not because it’s a hassle, but because I just hate to see Christmas leave.)DSC_1192Is a vacuum a gadget? an electronic? I don’t know, but I thought I would share it with you anyways.  The vacuum on the right we received as a wedding gift over 4 years ago.  I’m a bit OCD when it comes to the floors, so I ran that baby into the ground (pun intended lol).  For my birthday I asked for a new vacuum (No, I don’t consider this weird; I love to clean so it really does make sense that I would ask for this and be genuinely giddy when Phil gives it to me. Lame? Maybe, but I love it lol).  The new vacuum (on the left) is so awesome; I just love cleaning the floors with it!DSC_1099
For Christmas, Phil got me two new gadgets that I use everyday and I’m so in love with: the Nikon dSLR 5100 with several lenses and a new laptop.  Nikon 1DSC_1329
I think it’s safe to say 2 things: Phil loves to spoil me and apparently we DO love gadgets hahahaha
xoxo Darby


Amanda @ Click. The Good News said...

Is that a dyson? how do you like it- which one?

Did you see that i'm offering a camera workshop in a few weeks?

Lindsay said...

Nice! You guys got some really fun gadgets! Enjoy them!

sherri lynn said...

You are definitely a gadget girl! And I love that you have Christmas decorations up still! When you take them down just replace them with fun Valentine decorations so you won't be so sad :)

p.s. I see lots of Steeler things on your fridge in the background of that last photo! ;)

Becca Christensen said...

Yay for new gadgets! I got an ipad for Christmas I'm trying to master using (probably considered a fail at this point). : ] haha. I'm jealous of your surround sound for football season! Can I just come watch with you? ; ]

Sarah said...

Whoa girl, you did get spoiled :) And a sewing machine on it's way...your world is screaming for craft and blog projects!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

love all your gadgets...watching a movie at your house would be too fun!!

Lauren Chestnutt Coburn said...

new gadgets are the best! :o)

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