Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday: Tinted Moisturizer

In the summer I just hate “caking” makeup on my face.  I really don’t even see the point, since in Houston it melts right off your face before you even get to the car in the morning. Yuck!

While I don’t like to paint my face, I don’t feel comfortable without something there.  So in the summer I switch out my foundation that I use during the winter, and flock to my tinted moisturizer.

This step combines so many important steps for your skin care regime, so not only is it effective, but it’s also quick.  The moisturizer:

Covers and conceals blemishes

Increases hydration (obviously since it is a moisturizer)

Contains an SPF of 20, so it protects you from the sun

Noncomedogenic- meaning that it wont clog pores.  This is super important to me since the heat can cause glistening and I don’t want my face to look like I’m still going through puberty. Yes, I said “glistening” because southern ladies don’t sweat ;-)

Comes in 6 great shades

I love that this moisturizer provides me with color without having to pack on my makeup, only to have it melt off, and without clogging my pores!!! I wear this all summer, to the beach and the pool, and it never melts off!  TintedMoisturizer

On a personal note, I highly recommend this product.  If you’re looking for someone to order from or interested in learning more about the product, I know just the person…..she has my same email address ;-) 

xoxo Darby


Danie said...

I guess I would be a bad blog buddy if I said I use Bare Minerals and only Bare Minerals... ???? Although, I have always wanted to try a tinted moisterizer.......

Danie said...

I don't believe they do.. I think everything is minerals pretty much, except for their lip stuff and they have a regular moisterizer.

Danie said...

And I think I know someone that knows someone that sells it..... ;) lol!

Joy said...

I'm with Danie — I use Bare Minerals for my "foundation" but everything else is Mary Kay! =)

Kellyn Fleming said...

I'm glad you decided to take my word for it and try it out for your summer look!

Irish Italian Blessings said...

OOh good tip. I LOVE Mary Kay moisturizer, it's all I use but I've never gone the tinted route though. Good to know you're a sales rep :)

modernmommyreviews said...

I love tinted moustureizer, and I really love that "southern ladies don't sweat"! very cute...I am a born and bred "Yankee B***h" (to quote "Sweet Home Alabama"-the movie, not the song, lol)! following from Finding New Friends Blog Hop! I love your blog! Very
interesting! Follow me back,

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