Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Centerpiece

I put together aspects from other DIY projects that I have seen recently to create this summery dining room centerpiece.  To make this, I went shopping around my house for pieces of glassware and went to the pantry for some white rice.

Cost = ZERO!!!

I covered the bottom of a wine glass, mason jar, and a glass bowl with the rice and stuck a votive candle in the bottom. How easy is that?! DSC05100DSC05102DSC05105

I tied a piece of twine around the mason jar to finish it off.DSC05111DSC05112

If you wanted more of a beachy vibe, you could lean a starfish or some coral up against the candleThe Inspired Room


Simple, sweet, and affordable décor, that’s where I’m at!

xoxo Darby
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