Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Centerpiece

I put together aspects from other DIY projects that I have seen recently to create this summery dining room centerpiece.  To make this, I went shopping around my house for pieces of glassware and went to the pantry for some white rice.

Cost = ZERO!!!

I covered the bottom of a wine glass, mason jar, and a glass bowl with the rice and stuck a votive candle in the bottom. How easy is that?! DSC05100DSC05102DSC05105

I tied a piece of twine around the mason jar to finish it off.DSC05111DSC05112

If you wanted more of a beachy vibe, you could lean a starfish or some coral up against the candleThe Inspired Room


Simple, sweet, and affordable décor, that’s where I’m at!

xoxo Darby


The Sims II said...

Oh my I love this idea. I will definitely be using this at my house!

Jessica said...

thanks so much for your encouraging words! it totally lifts my spirits and makes me feel so great that somebody enjoys my blog! your centerpiece looks totally cute! i like the votives in the little tins, it adds more shiny-ness : )

Inspired By June said...

Who woulda thought rice could be so elegant... I'm currently using rice in my summer center piece (with candles) too!

Natasha Mairs - Serenity You said...

Lovely Idea!! I love the one with the starfish on, would be nice with sand in this one instead of rice for a beach look

Unknown said...

So simple and elegant!

Thanks for commenting on my rope balls tonight

Unknown said...

Forget to say..pinned your beach votive to my each decor board

Sugarr2518 said...

Such a cute idea! This makes me want summer to come right now! I never thought of using rice as a filler, but it compliments the look your going for:)

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