Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Halloween 2018

We're not too far into November where it is weird to talk about Halloween, are we?  Ok, good!  Last January when I was packing up Christmas decorations, Dutch noticed my collection of Nutcrackers.  I have not displayed them for several years because we've had little babies so it was his first time seeing them.  He had A LOT of questions about the nutcrackers, so we ended up reading the story and watching the actual ballet. For the past 10 months we have read the book, Dutch has read the book, watched the ballet and listened to all of the songs.  Dutch can now hear a song and tell you what scene of the ballet it comes from.  He LOVES all things Tchaikovsky, and plays "mouse king" all the time.  It really was a given when picking their Halloween costumes.  Ellis went as Clara, Dutch went as the Nutcracker, the Mr. went as the Mouse King, & I was the Sugar Plum Fairy.  It was a really fun family costume.
As per our tradition, the Mr. made homemade pizza, and then we got dressed up.  It was raining again this year so we went to maybe 5 houses and came back.  I am going to try and take Dutch to the ballet at some point this Christmas to keep the Nutcracker theme going. 
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xoxo Darby

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