Monday, July 30, 2018

Number Sight Words- FREE Download

If you can get me a single material that allows for instruction in various skills, you have me hooked!  This is one of those activities!  I made these number sight word cards for Dutch back in March for 0-10, preparing myself for the fact that this would probably be too advanced for him.  Well the kid crushed it..... in less than 30 seconds. So to make it harder, I added 11-20.  Today, I want to share these cards with you today as a FREE download, and THREE different ways that you could use them with your preschooler.Number Sight Word Cards- Life with the HawleysHawley Homeschool
First you will need to download these cards here.  I printed & laminated my cards so that we could use them for a while.

One of the most obvious tasks you can practice with your child is letter recognition and handwriting.  Using a dry erase marker (or a pencil if you didn't laminate your cards) you can trace the letters.  To practice phonics, you could give your child the card, and ask them, "Trace the letter that makes the _____ sound"DSC_0007
To practice number recognition for 0-20, you could point to the numbers for your child to identify. If your child is learning sight words you could just use these cards as flash cards for number words.DSC_0015
For an even more advanced task, you could give your child mini clothespins or wooden blocks, and get them to identify the number digit that corresponds with the number word.  If your child is not quite there yet, or just learning sight words, I have provided a Matching Card in this set.  Your child can hold the card and find the word that matches the one of the flash card, and then use a clothes pin (or other manipulative that you have) to identify the digit that matches the numerical word.DSC_0019
So, wow ok, I thought there were just 3 concepts at first, but since I've been writing this post, I realize that there are many more activities and uses with these cards:
letter recognition
number recognition for 0-20
flash cards for number sight words
If these are interesting to you and you think your preschooler would enjoy these, please download these for FREE!!!! (download here)
I hope your family enjoys these as much as we have ;-)
xoxo Darby

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