Friday, February 17, 2017

Monthly Ellis

Monday I shared Ellis’ first birthday party with you, and you may have noticed that I had her monthly pictures printed and hung over the cake.  I did the exact same thing with Dutch's first birthday… much so that the tape from his birthday party was STILL on the wall.  That will tell you how much I pay attention.  Anyways……
When I’m pregnant I always think monthly pictures will “be sooooo cute”  and I have the cutest stickers printed for monthly pictures.  But, I’m sure I’m not the only one (at least I hope I’m not the only one.  Someone help me out here!), those monthly pictures are a huge pain and a tedious commitment lol  Remembering to do them is major, but also after about 4 months it is really trying to get a good picture without them rolling over or crawling away, not to mention avoiding a major meltdown.  But since I did these pictures with Dutch I knew that I needed (and really wanted to see the monthly progression) for Ellis also.  So after a year of huge commitment (#firstworldproblems) here are Ellis’ monthly pictures
Just BornMonth 1-3Month 2-2Month 3-3Month 4-2Month 5Month 6Month 7Month 8-3Month 9Month 10-4Month 11Month 12
Check out the family resemblance for each month with big brother Dutch!
xoxo Darby

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Nadine said...

12 months!!! She has grown so fast. Such a beautiful little lady you have there.

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