Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Chalkboard Tracing

I want to share a really easy and fun way we’ve been practicing our writing skills and fine motor skills over here at #HawleyHomeschool  I like to make things as easy as possible but also really versatile so it’s worth my effort.  I have several chalkboards around the house so this was effortless for me to put together.  Write now we’re working on not only being able to identify shapes, colors, letters & numbers but to also write them.  Just holding a pen can take a lot of concentration with little ones, so to make it fun (without the mess) I added a paint brush to the equation.
All you need is a chalkboard, chalk, paint brush, & a cup of water.  What I do is draw a letter, number, shape, or a zig zag line on the chalkboard with chalk and get Dutch to trace over my lines with his paint brush dipped in water.  Sometimes I put assorted items on the chalkboard and he has to find the item and then trace it.  This requires him to not only know the content, but to also trace using his fine motor skills.  At first it was challenging but he’s getting really good at it.  Obedience is really hard at this developmental stage when children are learning that they have a voice so this activity helps them to have fun while they're learning to listen and to be obedient while growing their minds. Try this out with your little one and have fun :-) Chalkboard TracingDSC_0041DSC_0043DSC_0048
See super easy, versatile and fun with little learners!
Please share with me what you’ve been working on with your little ones :-)
xoxo Darby

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