Friday, January 27, 2017

Fine Motor Loops

If you’ve been working on fine motor skills with your toddler, I think you’ll want to incorporate this game into your bag of tricks :-)  We’ve been playing with these loops a lot this month and having a lot of fun.  All you need are some loops (mine are quinoa, but you could also use Cheerios or Fruit Loops- whatever you have), spaghetti, and play doh.  Fine Motor Loops
You stick your spaghetti into the play doh and ask your toddler to thread the loops onto the spaghetti.  This is so much fun for them & a super affordable hands-on learning task (also great if you need to keep your child occupied while you make dinner hehe).  If you use Fruit Loops you could work on colors and sorting by placing only certain colors on each noodle.  Or you could do numbers and counting per noodle.  If you’ve got an older or more advanced student on your hands, you could ask for even and odd numbers of loops per noodle. DSC_0404DSC_0407 
See so flexible and lots of fun!
What fun & educational games have you been using in your home lately?DSC_0436
xoxo Darby

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