Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas 2016

Our Christmas this year (or should I say past year now?) was different, but wonderful!  We said "no" to all parties and focused on just celebrating with our family for the entire month.  I don’t know if we’ll do it like that every year, but it was great to do this year.  It took away all the stress of “getting things done”.  We baked cookies for the neighbors, saw Santa, made Christmas art projects, had grandparents visit from home, went to church, enjoyed the cooler weather at parks, rode on a Christmas train, looked at Christmas lights around the neighborhood, drank hot cocoa, & just celebrated.  It was relaxing and fun.  So here was our quiet family Christmas month (be ready for a picture overload!).DSC_0550DSC_0561DSC_0566DSC_0092DSC_0112DSC_0689DSC_0708DSC_0712DSC_0736DSC_0755DSC_0793DSC_0943DSC_0811DSC_0828DSC_0834DSC_0836DSC_0841DSC_0864DSC_0855DSC_0870DSC_0872DSC_0889DSC_0901DSC_0904DSC_0932
This was probably my favorite Christmas so far!
How was your Christmas?
xoxo Darby

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