Friday, October 14, 2016

Oh Hello

Y’all I took a completely unintended week off from blogging. I was doing all the living & none of the writing about the living.  We’ve been really busy around here so let me catch you up!

Last week was a busy one; tons of good stuff going on.  At the top of the docket though, was that we’ve officially entered fall!  I pulled out my fall decorations, decorated the house, & baked my first pumpkin pie of the season.  I didn’t even attempt decorating last year because I was just so tired and pregnant.  But this year it’s exciting all over again, especially experiencing it through the eyes of a child.  We've been reading all of our fall books and doing lots of fall themed crafts. So much fun! I do need to re-schedule a day to go back to the pumpkin patch.  We went last week and they didn’t have pumpkins yet.  What??!?!?!?! It’s the first week of October and you don’t have pumpkins?!?!?!  I made these awesome shirts for the kids, talked it up all week, maneuvered through the traffic, only to get there and be sent home because there weren't any pumpkins yet. Crazy!  One of those moments when all you can do is laugh though.  So we will be going back soon lolDSC_0149DSC_0004DSC_0237DSC_0033DSC_0198DSC_0463DSC_0129DSC_0143
Last week was also National Night Out.  I’m not sure if you’re familiar with this, but it’s a night where everyone is supposed to come out of their homes & mingle with their neighbors.  Ya know, build the community you live in type of stuff.  Well The Mr. and I have been reading The Art of Neighboring: Building Genuine Relationships Right Outside Your Door, which is about how to neighbor from a Christian perspective.  It just seemed right that since we were already reading this book that maybe God was calling us to volunteer to host the event.  We agreed to host a couple weeks ago, and last Tuesday was the big night.  We had games set up on the lawn, tables and chairs delivered, food and drink ready, arts and crafts for the kids, and we hosted about 50 neighbors.  It was great fun, and I still have children’s chalk sketches in my driveway as a reminder of the great night had with neighbors mingling.4152gBonBFLNational Night Out
Another big tid bit of news is that Ellis is army crawling…..and fast.  I don’t know how her little elbows manage!  She is so fast and following me around everywhere.  I have the cutest shadow ;-)  She also started pulling herself up onto her feet.  She isn’t really cruising just yet, but I know it wont be long.  Am I ready for this?! #help #sendcoffee #nosendrunningshoes

You’ve probably noticed that she has a scratch on her forehead.  She took her first nap in her own bed (pack & play) last week, and let’s just say that she was not a fan.  She rubbed her head against the side of the screen so hard that she scratched her head.  I’m convinced that she doesn’t even know it’s there though.  She’s one tough girl!DSC_0118DSC_0124
We also had some guests last week, and the cutest little guest you ever did see.  Dutch’s besties, which happen to be my besties’ babies, came over for his first sleepover for 4 days.  Having 4 kids under 4 was definitely loud, but so much fun.  We did lots of fall crafts and read fall books, lots of wrestling, lots of jumping into piles of leaves in the backyard.  The house this week has been really quiet and it’s pretty sad.  Dutch wanders from room to room asking for his buddies.DSC_0026DSC_0028DSC_0041DSC_0081DSC_0054DSC_0075DSC_0137DSC_0144DSC_0159DSC_0203DSC_0220
On Sunday, I realized that despite everything that had gone on last week, the kids and I had only left the house once in a week and that was to be turned down at the pumpkin patch (womp womp).  So we took the kids to the beach for the morning.  Dutch loves the beach, flying his kite (like Charlie Brown hehe), and fishing so he was in heaven.  Ellis likes to be cuddled in the water, on the sand, as you walk… doesn’t matter where you are, that girl is smiling as long as someone is snuggling her or chatting with her.DSC_0272DSC_0289DSC_0360DSC_0426
Okay that is what kept me away last week.  Tell me, what’s been going on with you?! What did I miss last week???
xoxo Darby


Elenie Counts said...

Love the shirts - you are so talented! Your mantle looks beautiful! :)

Brandy Bruce said...

I have not heard of neighbor night out! What a cool idea!! Beautiful pictures.

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