Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Monthly Updates {Dutch}

On Monday I shared the pictures from Dutch’s first birthday party.  I wanted to share with you his official monthly pictures from this past year.  Thank you Aunt Kellyn for the ties!

The monthly pictures I took of Dutch were initially very fun, but as he got more and more mobile I began to dread picture day.  The pictures were so challenging to take, but I’m glad we stuck with it and had them to look back at his growth for the past year at the party.  We actually still have these hanging in the dining room.  It’s still his birthday month, so it’s okay, right?

At 6 months I think I could really start to see his personality coming out, but I think month 9 was my favorite.  That picture always makes me smile!Brand New- DSC_0250Month 1- DSC_0419Month 2- DSC_0592Month 3- DSC_0194Month 4- DSC_0472Month 5- DSC_0376Month 6- DSC_0114Month 7- DSC_0052Month 8- DSC_0130Month 9- DSC_0314Month 10- DSC_0245Month 11- DSC_0150Month 12- DSC_0207

So much change in 12 months :-)Brand New to Month 12
xoxo Darby

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Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I love this. He has grown into such a wonderful little kiddo! I can't wait until I can compile Presley's photos like this!

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