Monday, June 29, 2015

Our Honey Bee is One!

I know I’ve mentioned it a few times on social media and posted a few pictures, but our baby boy is one!!!!
All year I have said that time is going by too fast. 
It is.
It’s going to fast. 
But a year?! Where did the year go?!
I promise, sometimes, I still can’t believe we conceived.  I’m still in the mental state of shock: “We’re pregnant?!” Yes we were pregnant, then he was born, and now he is a year old.  I think I’m in complete denial.  No, I’ve taken up residence in denial.  No, I’m becoming a hoarder in denial…..
It took me for-ev-er to admit that his birthday was coming and that I really needed to get started planning his first birthday party.  I just wanted something fun but simple, that celebrated Dutch and all of the people that have prayed for him.  I settled on a bee theme and thought a BBQ in the backyard would be great.  The Mr. spent weeks getting the backyard ready (trees removed, new doors installed, shed repainted, etc.)  I ordered tons of lawn games and a huge bouncy castle.  Then Houston had a huge flood……
Back up plan?
Get creative, and have the tables and chairs set up in the garage and leave the bouncy house in the rain. lol
It wasn’t a Pinterest-worthy party, but we didn’t care.  Our focus remained on our relationships and those that love on Dutch and pray for him.  My sister came to town to celebrate with us and I’m SOOOO glad that she did.  She totally pulled the party off for us.  And thanks to her we have pictures of the party.  She took every single one of these pictures!  Thank you Kellyn! 
Tips for mamas…..GIVE YOUR CAMERA TO SOMEONE ELSE  and ask them to capture the party for you so that you can see everything that you missed while you tried to host!  This way you get to enjoy the party and still have pictures for memories.
We had about 40 adults and children at the house and the Mr. smoked a brisket, pork shoulder, and some sausage.  I made typical BBQ sides.  It was perfect and easy and a great way to celebrate our special honey bee. 
I made this invitation for the party, and clearly had too much fun with the bee theme.Invitation- 4DSC_0013DSC_0016DSC_0017DSC_0023
I made my Lemon-Honey Beehive Cake and served it with some summer berries and some cupcakes. 
Dutch’s “smash cake” was just a cupcake.DSC_0018We selected a new verse to pray over Dutch this year.  Through pregnancy and his first year it was Pslam 91:4, and this year we will pray Joshua 1:9 over him.  The frame is sitting on his nightstand now, and the previous frame is on the wall.Joshua 1-9For the polka dot garland, I just used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out black and yellow circles and then I sewed them together (tutorial here) and my sister strung them on the island and from the mantle.  Simple and easy decorations.DSC_0024The monthly pictures I took of Dutch were initially very fun, but as he got more and more mobile I began to dread picture day.  The pictures were so challenging to take, but I’m glad we stuck with it and had them to look back at his growth for the past year at the party.  We actually still have this hanging in the dining room.  It’s still his birthday month, so it’s okay, right?DSC_0021DSC_0031DSC_0094DSC_0103DSC_0106DSC_0111DSC_0118DSC_0135DSC_0137DSC_0153DSC_0154Dutch loved his cupcake, but he really didn’t get very messy.  I was expecting to have to strip him down and hose him off afterwards, but all I had to do was wipe off his hands and mouth.  The party was great but Dutch was so exhausted that presents had to wait until after church the next day.  And boy, was this little boy completely spoiled!DSC_0207DSC_0209DSC_0213DSC_0219DSC_0225DSC_0227DSC_0230DSC_0241DSC_0249
We are still celebrating this little boy’s birthday, since it is still his birthday month.  The party turned out so much better than I could have imagined, despite all of the rain.  I’m glad it was a simple party that focused on the people.  No rushing around and just fun.
Happy birthday to my Little Peep :-)
xoxo Darby


Cari said...

Looks like such a fun day, he is so cute! Seriously these kids need to stop growing up so fast!!

Meg O. said...

Aww, looks like such a fun and cute party! And it looks like Dutch had a great time, too!! Can't believe he is already ONE!! Caronline's right behind him. WAAAAHHH

Kellyn Fleming said...

Yay! I love all these memories. That was such a fun trip and so glad I could be there to celebrate the birthday boy! I think when it comes to first birthdays this stress-free, enjoy the moments approach was the best! I'll definitely have to remember that one day! Love y'all!

Sam | Away She Went said...

He's so cute! I can't believe he's already 1! Happy Birthday Dutch!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Well done with the decor, lady! I can't believe Dutch is already a year old. How?! When?! Time, slow down!

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