Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday: Milkies

Whoever said “there is no use crying over spilt milk” was clearly a big fat liar or not an exclusive breast feeder and they deserve to be punched in the gut (I kid of course… punching, but maybe I nice talk’n to).  I have definitely cried over spilling my milk and feel that it is completely justified!  The stuff has greater value than gold!
I’d heard of Milkies before but I didn’t want to spend extra money on another product, that is, until I got closer to going back to work and realized how precious every drop of breast milk was.  Milkies is an insert that slides into your nursing tank/bra to collect the milk that leaks while you’re nursing on the other side.  I was noticing how absorbed my nursing pads were and was frustrated because my child could be having that instead of it being wasted and thrown in the trash.
So I ordered the Milkies61QYahp6dgL._SL1500_61KUCfoPaLL._SL1500_
These things are amazing!  I had no idea how much milk I was wasting and now I don’t have to.  They really are easy to use, comfortable, and collect up to 4 oz. that you can dump into a bottle or freezer bag.
I highly recommend Milkies for mamas who are going back to work, or have a low supply and want to make the most of every drop.
Obligatory Blogger Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post; I just really like this product.
xoxo Darby


Meg O. said...

That's such a cool invention!!! I wish I had something like that when I was bf-ing Kennedy! Weird thing - I didn't get engorged and I'm not leaking so far the second time starting breastfeeding. I expected to be using tons of nursing pads but I haven't had to at all! Weird, right? I wonder if it's because my body knows how to do it the second time around??

Brooke @ Pieces of the Reese Life said...

Holy crap! I need this! Not only is my nursing pad soaked I can feel it tingling the minute she latches

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