Monday, April 14, 2014

DIY Mantle

With everything that has happened around here through the fall and this spring, you know with the pregnancy, family visits, cruise, and working, I have not had a chance to tell you about our new mantle.  However, the Mr. really did build this back in September!  #badblogger I wanted it to be completed by the beginning of the fall so that I could use it to decorate throughout the holidays.  Hubby did not disappoint!DIY Mantle
When we moved in I loved that we had a fireplace and a mantle.  I even loved that it was all brick.  The only drawback for me was that since the actual mantle was brick it wasn’t very deep which really limited what I could put on there.  So the Mr. set out to basically make a cap to fit over the current brick mantle that would make it deeper.
Let’s check out the before: 
It’s definitely a mantle already that I could live with.  It’s pretty and all, but is just wasn’t quite enough room.Before
See how narrow this mantle was? I couldn’t even safely fit candle sticks on there. 
Safety issue? Yes! 
Decorator’s issue? Yes!
Picky person issue? Yes!DSC_0357The first step was to purchase a wooden board that was wide enough and deep enough (1 x 6 ).  Once the board was cut to the correct width, the Mr. placed it right on top of the old brick mantle and, using a mason bit, drilled it into place.DSC_0360DSC_0375Using a compound mitre saw, which can cut on an angel, the Mr. cut a piece of crown modeling at a 45 degree angle so that it would fit together like a puzzle and go around the three sides of the mantle. DSC_0371DSC_0373Using finishing nails, he hammered the three pieces of crown molding to the top board.DSC_0395Using the left over breadboard from our kitchen island, the Mr. cut a piece that would serve as the bottom of the mantle.  He had to take special measurements to go around the support bricks at the base of the mantle because I really liked the charm that the bricks added and didn’t want them removed.
Then all of the edges were sealed with white caulk, clamped, and painted.DSC_0440DSC_0486Then it was time to decorate to my hearts content!  DSC_0490- AfterDSC_0495DSC_0498DSC_0501DSC_0502
It was so nice to have the deeper mantle for the holiday season!  It was everything I imagined it would be.
A mantle is so much more useful when I can stack my junk on it ;-)
Here are pictures of our fall and Christmas mantles:
DSC_0335DSC_0356DSC_0357Thank you hubby for making this mantle for me :-)
Didn’t he do such a great job?!
Happy Monday friends!
xoxo Darby


A Brew of Blessings said...

Love this and love how you've styled it! I'm still not loving the decor on ours - it's my next project to tackle!

Meg O. said...

That is super clever! Love the transformation and looks fairly easy!!

Jessica said...

It looks beautiful! I was so sad when the holidays came since we don't even have a fireplace in our new house! My favorite place to decorate was the mantle, so I feel your pain! Thankfully, my dad made me a huge shelf (basically a mantle without a fireplace haha) just after Christmas. It's so wonderful to have that space to decorate!

Also, where did you get that big red bird on your Christmas mantle? I love it!!

Michelle said...

Nicely done, Mr. Hawley!

Jessica K said...

So gorgeous! I love it!! Makes a huge difference! Props to the hubs!

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