Friday, February 28, 2014

Little Peep Bumpdate {26 weeks}

26 weeks collageDate: 2/19/14
How far along: 26 weeks
Fruit-size comparison: Well it depends on where you look.  One site said both a head of lettuce & an eggplant.  Another site said an english cucumber.  So this week you can pick your favorite “fruit” as an analogy for Little Peep’s size :-)
Developmental milestones: Little Peep is just under 2lbs right now.  He is absorbing my antibodies to prepare his body to fight infection for when he makes his debut into the world.  His eyes are also forming and he is getting ready to start blinking.  Also, his testicles are starting to descend (taking about 2-3 days to make it to the scrotum).
Maternity clothes: There are very few items that aren't maternity that I can get away with wearing anymore
Weight gain: I'm sticking with 16lbs so far.  Every time I have weighed myself this week it has been a 16 lb growth gain.
Stretch Marks:  The three stretch marks I noticed on my belly last week are darker, and I believe the girls are getting some stretch marks of their own.
Sleep:  I'm definitely getting up 3-4 times a night for a potty break, but I don't have any issues falling right back to sleep.  So far I'm a pretty good sleeper :-)
Best moment of the week:  I have a serious case of the giggles lol I'm laughing at everything.  I find my husband to be more and more hilarious everyday, and some of the silliness that goes on in this house just makes me laugh hysterically.  I have no control over my fits of laughter.
Movement: Little Peep is moving all over the place and you can see him moving on the outside.  I've been trying to get it on tape but as soon as I get the camera he stops.  That little stinker is playin' his mama already!
Cravings: Milk is something that I’ve always been good about drinking, but now I’m drinking about 3-4 glasses a day.  I just can’t get enough milk!  Other than that, besides my pizza & pancakes cravings, cheese & carbs are pretty much at the top of my list, but I've rained in my cravings majorly this week to keep my weight gain on track. 
Gender: A little boy!!!
Belly button in or out: Still an innie, but not for much longer.
Wedding ring: Still on
Anything making you queasy/sick: Nothing really this week besides some strong smells
What I miss: Walking around without getting out of breath.  Several times while running errands over the weekend, and just walking into church from the parking deck, I found myself out of breath.  I know this will get worse, but because of the doctor's orders for pelvic rest I'm making sure I move very slow and don't push myself.  I'm typically a fast mover so this is certainly an adjustment for me; though an adjustment I'd happily make for Little Peep.
What I’m looking forward to: Spring break is right around the corner, just a couple more weeks (sidebar- seriously this is the fastest semester of my life!)  Because I still have so much to do before the baby gets here for both home and work, I plan on really taking advantage of spring break.  I also can't wait for my next appointment to check on Little Peep’s progress.
Labor signs: Nope not yet, and that's just fine with us.
Symptoms: hmmmm nothing new is coming to mind. My heart burn is being controlled with a higher calcium intake with homemade fruit smoothies in the mornings before work, yogurt, and all the milk I’m drinking (see above Cravings lol).  And I’m taking a lot of potty breaks during the day, but nothing new this week.
Nursery: Over the weekend I had this crazy idea to finish up a few projects for the nursery by going to IKEA.  I don't know why I always go to IKEA on Saturdays; I really need to stop having that crazy idea lol  I have most of the wall art finished and I'm just waiting for it to go up on the walls.  I am getting really excited to see the finished product :-)
Emotions: I've been cherishing the moments this week.  With the end of the 2nd trimester in sight, I'm just trying to cherish every bit of the last few months of this pregnancy.  I have enjoyed every single aspect of this pregnancy, every concern, pain, and joy has been embraced and I've been grateful for. It's hard to believe that Little Peep will be here so soon, so I'm trying to embrace what time he and I have left as just us, and I'm praying for time to slow down so I can soak in every moment I have left of this pregnancy.
xoxo Darby


Meg O. said...

OOh, milk sounds good. I checked out Ikea literally the day I had my pregnancy confirmation appointment and was surprised by how many awesome baby items they have and I'm pretty sure nursery #2 will be mostly ikea. haha!!

Heidi said...

Mmm pizza and pancakes sounds like the perfect meal(s)! IKEA on Saturdays always seeeems like a good idea, until you get there! Glad you are feeling well. :)

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