Monday, February 17, 2014

Little Peep Bumpdate {24 weeks}

24 week collageTwo things to note in the above picture:
On the left, you’ll notice the new closet the Mr. built for the nursery! 
And on the right, I’m losing my toes :-)
Date: 2/5/14
How far along: 24 weeks
Fruit-size comparison: Little Peep is the size of a cantaloupe now :-)
Developmental milestones: Something that I was very much looking forward to this week was a pregnancy that was legally and medically considered viable.  Not that I’m ready for Little Peep to be born yet, but the idea that if he wore to be born he has a higher chance of living brings me a sense of peace.  Also his skin is becoming more opaque and starting to look more pink instead of see-through.  The branches of his lungs are developing more and more to prepare him for breathing outside of the womb :-)
Maternity clothes: Yes!  My good friend Grace gave me some clothes for work and let me tell you, there are a game changer.  No more zippers digging into my belly!
Weight gain: 13 lbs.  Apparently Little Peep and I hit a growth spurt ;-)
Stretch Marks:  Just the ones from before on my hips that are starting to get longer.
Sleep: Still can't complain here.  Yes I still get up several times a night (but I realize this isn't going to stop any time soon, even after he arrives), but so far I still fall right back to sleep.
Best moment of the week: 1) I discovered a new flavor of Tums that has been rockin’ my heartburn world! lol (It’s the little things in life folks, the little things).  I had been chowing on the Smoothies Tropical flavor, but let me tell y’all, the Smoothies Berries are where it’s at. 2) I use voice-to-text on my phone when I’m g-chatting/texting, and sometimes I get some interesting autocorrects but I don’t see them until after I have sent the message (oops).  Well this week I was trying to text the Mr. "I was going to call you because I hadn't heard from you yet" instead my voice-to-text wrote (and of course I didn’t read it before sending) "I was in labour or call you BC I hadn't heard from you yet" apparently he didn't catch the British version of "labor" but it certainly sent off an alarm hahaha I had to tell my phone that labor jokes just weren’t funny right now.
Movement: Oh yes!  Little man kicks me mainly on my left side in the middle and lower abdominal cavity.  I will never get tired of those kicks.
Cravings: I have been giving into my pizza cravings a little too much, as well as my new craving...pancakes. Saturday I went to breakfast with my friend Julie from my Smallgroup and I ordered a side of pancakes.  This was my "side" folks! (this may be the major contributor to the weight gain mentioned above)
Gender: He is going to be a dapper young man :-)
Belly button in or out: Innie
Wedding ring: On.  I have a green ring I usually wear on my right hand that has had to retire to my jewelry box for now.
Anything making you queasy/sick: Nothing that I can think of
What I miss: Absolutely nothing
What I’m looking forward to:  We have a follow-up appointment next week to examine our placenta issues.  I'm anxious to get to the D-R and hear what he has to say after the exam.  We're also finishing up our interviews with doulas next week.  I'm looking forward to start working with them.
Labor signs: Nope, and I'm praying we stay this way for several more months
Symptoms: I am officially a grunter.  Bending over, getting up out of the recliner, getting up off of the floor are all accompanied by a chorus of my grunts.  I know, it's very attractive lol
Nursery: Oh yes!  The crib came in last Thursday (6 days early!!!!), and I couldn't stop starring at the box.  If I thought refreshing the tracking numbers online was bad, wooooooah, I took this to an entirely new level once it was finally in the house.  The Mr. and I (well mainly the Mr.) spent the entire weekend working on the nursery.  From Friday night to Sunday afternoon this room was completely transformed.  I cannot wait to add the finishing details to his room.  I find myself sitting in there so often just imagining how different the room will be when our tiny package arrives from heaven.
Emotions: Excitement!  I am looking forward to tackling each item on my to-do list because it just means that I'm one more step closer to feeling prepared (or as prepared as any first-time parent can feel) for his arrival.  This is by far, my favorite to-do list I've ever had....and trust me, this Type A neuroscientist has made seeeeeevvvveral to do lists in her time ;-)
xoxo Darby


Tara Illy said...

Ahhhh so precious!!!!

Meg O. said...

You are looking gorgey, as always!! I just can't wait to see what the nursery looks like when you're finished!

Joy said...

Just FYI — the grunting gets louder and longer! Ha. Terry now has to help me out of the recliner, and getting out of the bed... I asked him to install a rail on my side so I could get out of bed on my own in the middle of the night. Ha. So much fun to look forward to! =)

Meg Cady said...

I have nothing to add to this other than

I love this
the autocorrect incident is HI-LARIOUS.

Heather said...

LOVE the autocorrect! Hilarious.

And I remember being so thrilled by 24 weeks for the same reason.

Kristen Phifer said...

So excited for you! I too was a huge fan of the Smoothie Berrie Tums. Have you asked your dr about Pepcid or anything like that? Kirk kept tellingly that taking something like that must be better than eating 20 Tums a day. When I went in the hospital on bed rest, my dr prescribed Pepcid twice a day and it changed my life. I felt SO much better. Yours may not be that bad, but I thought I would throw that out there. :-). Can't wait to see pics of the nursery!

Jessica K said...

The side of pancakes! I love it! I also love the blue polka dot dress I saw on IG. GORGEOUS!! I can't wait to see how you like the doula. I have heard so many amazing things. And prayers for you and no more issues with placenta!

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