Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday: Living Embellished

It’s no surprise that I love all of life’s fun embellishments: I’ve got accessories for every outfit, room, and holiday. 
You know it,
I know it,
and my husband knows it- thanks hubby for helping me load, unload, & reload boxes of decorations every season :-)Living Embellished
Recently I stumbled across one of my sorority sister’s Etsy shop, Living Embellished, and was totally wowed.  She adds little embellishments to your everyday tools to add some fun.  Let me tell ya, I’m lovin’ ‘em! 
Check out these spoons! I just love the ombre! 
I’m dying for some of these blue spoons in my new kitchen!
Doesn't every kitchen need a kiss of color?!
Living Embellished- Collage 1
I love how she matches some of the spoons up with kitchen tea towels. So cute and fun!
This rolling pin with the red handles has me gah-gah!
 Gimme gimmie!!!!Living Embellished- Collage 2

There are various colors to choose from so that every tea towel and kitchen can have matching spoons.
I think color choice 11 would match my kitchen and dining room best. Don’t you think?
Who doesn’t want matching spoons?!?!Living Embellished-1
The embellished items in her shop would be awesome housewarming, wedding, or bridal shower gifts.  Also don’t forget, Christmas is right around the corner so you could also get some gifts checked off your list.  Painted spoons would be an adorable stocking stuffer
And hey, if you’ve been good lately, get some and treat yourself! 
You work hard!
You deserve it!
Everything is reasonably priced and looks great!
Seriously GO check out Living Embellished!!!! You will love it!
Happy Wednesday my sweet friends!
Obligatory Blogger Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post; I just really like these products.
xoxo Darby


Anonymous said...

These are cute! Such a great way to brighten up a kitchen :)

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Those are awesome!

Meg O. said...

Oh how cute is that!! Love it!!!!

Joy said...

It's amazing what that little touch of color can do to those rather "boring" kitchen gadgets! I've got to check her out!!! Thanks for the info!

thenerdykatie said...

I love those! I want a mix of 1 & 10.

Lauren said...

So cute for a housewarming gift!

Because Shanna Said So said...

These are soooooo much fun!! So perfect for a housewarming gift....since most of my friends are married! I am bookmarking this!! Thanks for sharing!!

Rachelle @ Inner Loop Adventures said...

Those are all great! I love the simplicity but with a surprising pop!

Jessica K said...

That my friend would make a fun Christmas, Bridal Shower, Birthday gift!

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