Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It’s a Birthday!

Today is my beautiful sister’s birthday!
She is my best friend and I absolutely love her more and more everyday!
I know it's your birthday, Kellyn, and you're the one who is supposed to get gifts, but I have to admit: I lucked out!  You are one of the greatest gifts God has given me :-)
Have a fabulous birthday Princess Kellyn!
I love you!
Yes, I’m aware that it isn’t Christmas, but this is my favorite picture of you :-)DSC01107
xoxo Darby


Joy said...

So, since we are sisters, I guess this makes Kellyn and I sisters, too? Ha! Happy birthday Kellyn... I hope today and every day this week is a celebration!!

Kellyn Fleming said...

Aww, thanks Darby! haha That is so sweet and quite a shout out! I feel so special! If I'm this great of a sister it's only because I've had you as my fantastic role model in life! You are truly the best sister and friend I could have asked for and I for one feel the luckiest! :) I'm glad I got to be "your baby" haha

Haha and thank you Joy! You are so sweet and I haven't even met you. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Jessica K said...

Aww Sister Love!!! Happy Birthday Kellyn!

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