Monday, August 19, 2013

A Me LONG Weekend

Hey Friends!  Happy Monday!  I rarely do weekend recaps, but since I had a long weekend I decided to share the details of my weekend.  Last Thursday morning I dropped the Mr. off at the airport.  He was flying back to Pittsburgh for a wedding.  I would have gone with him but I was supposed to have a work training, but the dates for my training were changed after the trip was booked.  So instead I scheduled a bunch of "me things" to distract & entertain myself.

On Thursday I did A LOT of shopping.  I don’t go shopping very often…maybe 4 times a year; typically, if I purchase anything it’s via  But on Thursday I went shopping at my favorite stores: Target, Pier 1, and Anthropologie.  I got some new dishes, LOTS of fall scented candles, some new shirts for me and my new niece, and some cosmetics.  Shopping Collage
Thursday night I went out with some of my girlies from blogland and had a blast! Fellow Houston bloggers, if you couldn’t make it, you were definitely missed.  I’m looking forward to catching up with y’all next month.DSC_0226-2
But when I got home Thursday night, my fur babies were in some serious trouble! They have never been this bad.  They don’t normally get into the trash or chew anything but their toys, but they got into the kitchen trash can.  There were coffee grounds everywhere!!!  I was completely shocked!  Check out these guilty faces!Bad Puppies
Friday I cleaned my house from top to bottom.  As hot as it’s been here in Houston, I feel like my dogs are trying to see just how much fur hair they can shed.  It drives me nuts and I’m cleaning constantly.  While I really do enjoy cleaning (I find it therapeutic), I am looking forward to when the weather is cooler and the shedding slows down.  Once I was done cleaning I did our grocery shopping and got to cooking.  I was having my female co-workers over for the first time since we moved.  I put together a really yummy cheese spread for when everyone was gathering. DSC_0234For the cheese board I had a couple kinds of dried salami, blueberries, grapes, dried cranberry trail mix, 2 kinds of crackers, fig spread, basil pesto, brie, tomato & basil goat cheese, a sharp Irish cheddar, & a chipotle Vermont cheddar.DSC_0247-2Cheese Plate-1Cheese Plate-2
For dinner & dessert I made a fig, prosciutto, and arugula pizza, and pots de crème (recipe).
Fig PizzaDSC_0236
Saturday was really relaxing.  I made some oatmeal cookies, read some of my photography books, watched When Harry Met Sally, went to Hobby Lobby (and didn’t purchase anything; this was a first!), played with the puppies, and watched lots of football.Saturday
Sunday I went to church and then to the airport to pick up my hubby.  It was a good weekend, but the best part was getting the Mr. from the airport.  It was so nice to have him back. 
The fall semester begins for faculty today so I have a lot of lists, planning, and meetings this week, but I’m ready for it.  
How was your weekend? What did you do?
xoxo Darby


Joy said...

Hate you didn't get a chance to go with the Mr, but I'm glad you had fun with some girlfriends and the pups. All the food looks delicious, and I'm a little jealous of your shopping adventures. Hope you have a wonderful first day back for Fall semester!

Nadine said...

Your cheese board spread has me drooling! Everything looks so wonderful! I hate when the doggies get into things they aren't suppose to. Their sweet little faces make it hard to stay mad for very long.

Lauren said...

I saw the cheese board on IG and told Andrew that we needed to make one (we didn't because we had so much leftover brisket but it is high on my list of football snacks!).

I can't believe your dogs were so bad but I know you forgave them pretty fast!

Jennifer Leible said...

Sounds like a nice weekend! I need a ME weekend! Love the items from your shopping trip! Where did you get the color coral, white and blue glass crates?
So sad I missed the happy hour! My mom flew in from Pennsylvania the night before and we had lots of things planned with her. Hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

That spread looks amazing! And I love When Harry Met Sally, such a fantastic movie.

Jessica K said...

School already! You definitely didn't get a break!!

I love how not only did Rooney have a guilty face....the roll over was added. You know he was regretting that decision!

Glad you had a nice weekend. I love the dog plate and cup!!

Have a great semester! Hopefully I will see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Those doggie guilt faces...almost makes me want to take the blame for them!

Tess said...

What a lovely weekend! Your finds on Friday were amazing and I'm DROOLING over that fig pizza. Delish!

Unknown said...

Wow, all that food looks so yummy! I love the bowl with the dog sketch in it... SO cute.

Sarah said...

Those guilty faces!!

That spread looks SO good and we've made that pizza before and it is divine!

Rachelle @ Inner Loop Adventures said...

You had a very busy "me" weekend! Much more productive than I would have been. And, oh those guilty puppy faces are so sweet! Maybe they were just trying to help you sort recyclables from trash? :)

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