Friday, July 12, 2013

Where the Royal Family Sleeps

When you read “royal” in the title did you think I was going to be talking about Prince William & Kate today?
Oh yeah, sorry.  That isn’t happening lol
When I say “royal” I’m referring to us (waaaaaay different, right?! lol).  Now I know we aren’t royalty…not even close!  But every time I go to sleep in our new bed, I feeeeeeeel like royalty.  Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever slept in a bed this wonderful…including the time we were snowed in at the Ritz Carlton for Christmas!
We purchased our new mattress a couple of days after moving into our new house last December.  We went shopping for furniture in January since we still needed a new frame because we’d never had a king size mattress before.  I fell in love with this bed from Rooms To Go, but there was no way I was going to spend $1000 on it!
Rooms to go
So we went on the hunt for something like it, but after a few weeks of hunting we couldn’t find anything that seemed financially acceptable to us.  Bed frames can be ridiculous expensive!  Sheesh! We decided to make this a DIY project to save money, and started checking out some clearance centers.  Well wouldn’t you know when we went to the Rooms To Go clearance center we saw the bed I had fallen for!  It had several scratches and was missing the posts on the footboard, BUT we talked it down to $200!  We saved $800 and brought that bad boy home :-)
Collage 1
Before we could put this to use we needed to purchase a bed frame and attach the headboard & footboard to it because the clearance version of this bed didn’t include those pieces.  The Mr. did this and we just used the bed with the dings for a few months until I had some time to fix it.  It wasn’t at it’s true glory, but it still worked.  At the beginning of the summer I purchased some stain, glossy polyurethane, and 4 staircase posts.  I used a clipping from an advertisement I saw of the bed to match my additions as closely as possible.DSC_0161-2
I sanded the rough edges of the staircase posts, and applied 2 coats of Ebony stain.  Once that was dry I applied 3 coats of glossy  polyurethane so that the posts would match the rest of the bed.  I repeated the process on all of the dings on the headboard & footboard.  DSC_0196-2When everything was dried, I used Gorilla wood glue to attach the halves of the staircase posts together and then to the ends of the footboard.  The bed was finally done :-)Collage 2DSC_0407-2
Project Prices
Headboard & footboard $200
Bed frame from Costco $50
Stain $5
Staircase posts $2 x 4
Glossy polyurethane$8 x 3
Brushes, sandpaper, wood glue, screws we already had
Total: $287 (we saved $713)
We are loving our bed even more now that it looks better.  The project wasn’t hard, just required some patience & effort.  We really love how much money we saved in doing some of this ourselves. 
This is our royal carriage that carries us to dream land every night :-)DSC_0415-3
xoxo Darby


Joy said...

You are a royal family, and you have a cute little prince and princess! Everything looks sooo good. I love that bed, and you FINALLY got a nightstand. YAY!!!

Suze said...

Looks gorgeous! I'm very impressed with your skills

Unknown said...

Hawleys got skilsssss! Wow I am super impressed maam!!! Looks great!

Emily said...

AH, LOVE IT. It looks SO good. :) Great job!

Susan Fleming said...

So wonderful

Rachelle @ Inner Loop Adventures said...

Gorgeous bed! Way to go on fixing it up. There's no better feeling than getting a good deal! And of course, I love the dog beds at the foot of the bed!

Lauren said...

You're amazing (again)! Way to go on negotiating and staying persistent. No one would have ever known...

Whitney said...

How awesome! You're seriously so impressive!

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