Friday, September 21, 2012

SSS Swap- MAIL CALL! {{500th}}

Happy Friday little elves ;-)
I have heard from so many of you that you're having so much fun shopping for your new friends!  I can't wait  to see all of the stocking stuffers!  
Today is the LAST DAY to mail your gift to your partner.  Make sure that you have packaged it appropriately and send it off by this afternoon.  
I want to make sure that your partner receives their gift in enough time to blog about it.
Remember to link up your post NEXT FRIDAY!!!  Click here for more details.

Oh and one more thing.....
guess what?
Today is my 500th post here at LWTH!!!!!! 
Can you believe that?
Thank you so much hanging around here with me through all of these posts!
Cheers to 500 more!

Happy weekend friends!
xoxo Darby


Lindsey said...

Mailed, Received, and blog written and ready to go! So excited I did this. My gift was amazing!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Happy 500! Wahoo! You've been blogging for so long. Must you have so many great memories wrapped up in this blog! I'm only at 258 posts! (Hello, newbie.)

Unknown said...

Congratualtions!! 500 WOW!

Package sent on FRIDAY! WOOHOO! Thank you again for a great link-up!

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